Parker’s Hospital Session

I’m embarrassed to admit that in the 6 years I’ve been in business, this is my first official hospital session.  And I am in LOVE.  I would do one every flipping day if I could.  They represent absolutely everything I love about photography.  Raw emotion, simple everyday moments, and most of all, love.  My philosophy from day one has always been the same.  To provide my families with not just pictures of their family, but real memories that they can hear, smell and feel when they look back at their images.

Some of my favorite images of both my girls as infants were from those first few days in the hospital.  When I look at them, I am immediately brought back to being in that bed, holding my daughter for the first time, the love swelling in my chest and immense sense of pride at being someone’s mother.  There is no better feeling in the world.  So if you are looking into newborn images, please consider a hospital session, so that dad can set down the camera and simply enjoy those first few days undistracted…and trust that I will capture this new love for all of you.

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer