My name is Dania, pronounced “Dan-ya”. Perhaps had my parents spelled it like that, it may be easier to pronounce and I could avoid the awkward “um…is this…um….”, but hey, it’s pretty and unique right??  But first and foremost, I am nobody without my support staff…um, I mean family.  So lets start there shall we?

The Princess and the Artist, Inspirers
My muses.  Kennedy, the eldest, has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever meet.  A true peacemaker, animal lover, thrill seeker and red sox fan…who consistently puts those in her world ahead of herself, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  McKenna (aka “Mickey”), 1 year and 362 days her junior, is bold, funny, and a true artist.  Give her a pen, marker or crayon and the world becomes her canvas.

John Bagyi, General Counsel and Director of Emotional Support
Oh, and husband of 11 years. :)  The man who has allowed me to pursue all of my dreams and supports all my crazy every step of the way.  He’s my legal genius, proofreader, editor, true voice of logic, and very, very, very best friend.

I’m a graduate of The College of Saint Rose with a degree in Psychology that turned into a corporate job in Human Resources that I left when my McKenna bump hit around 20 weeks in order to soak up every last moment with Kennedy before her sister joined us.  It wasn’t long after we adjusted to life as 4 (and endless hours of self-education) that Kidography by Dania was born…and in a sense, so was I.

Who I am in a nutshell?  Well, I’m a Metabolic Meltdown junkie who can’t get through the day without her Starbucks. I prefer lululemon and converse to heels and dresses (though I aspire to someday be fancy).  I despise being cold and in another life, will live on the beach and own a jet ski and scuba dive tour company.  I’m obsessed with rollercoasters, scary movies, pizza and amazing beer.  I write like I talk and way over use ellipses…and I flipping love listening to the laughter of children and families and finding joy in the simple everyday.

Now that you know me, let me get to know you.  And trust that the images I capture will be more than just snapshots of what your children look like.  Your images will solicit a smile, or even a giggle, as you recall not only what your child looked like at that moment in time, but how they laughed, how they loved, and how they lived.

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