Valentine’s Day Minis

February is almost here!  Which means school Valentine’s Day parties are just around the corner.  So instead of running out to Target two days before and picking up a box of teeny tiny cards with pencils to shove through them, why not up your game this year and do personalized photo cards?! has some adorable designs to choose from and my girls are over the moon handing their cards out every year!  So since I already planned a simple set up for my littles, I thought I’d open up a few sessions to all of you as well.  Feel free to email me if you want more info!

And although the setup will be different, here’s a little peek at some of our past cards to give you an idea.  :)  We did  bookmarks last year, which was super fun.  And thanks to my tablet, I can computerize their own handwriting on the cards!  Something we can totally discuss doing for you too if you likey.  :)

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer