Red Truck Minis 2016!

Wow.  All I can say is WOW.  These were a hit last year, but the interest in them this year was just astounding!  Unfortunately for many (and myself frankly!), I don’t own a vintage red truck and rely on the kindness of those willing to rent it out for the day to make this happen every year.  I only had the truck for two days, so I squeezed in as many families as I possibly could given the shortened days and my own sanity.  This years truck won’t be available to me again next year (booooo), so if you know anyone willing to lend it out for a day or two, please contact me!  And if you want in on these next year, make sure to sign up to receive my emails…they sold out in record time so you don’t want to rely on the inconsistency of Facebook to get notification of registration!

I couldn’t resist sharing just a little sampling of these red truck mini sessions that the holidays are behind us and I won’t ruin any surprises! :)