What’s up 2013!

I’m back from a ridiculously nice vacation with the fam.  I promised my deadlines would be early enough this year that I could just unplug and focus on them through the holidays.  And while I missed all the beautiful faces of my clients, it was a nice refreshing break!  Back to the grind and it’s really sorta fun going through clients pics from 2012.  Struggled with what to post first…a look back at everyone?  How can I include everyone I photographed this year?!?  And how could I post something and NOT include all your beautiful faces?!  Holy dilema.  So I realized scrolling back through the blog and facebook that in order to not ruin any holiday card or gift surprises, I refrained (and boy was it hard!) from posting much from my Christmas Mini Sessions.  So I figured that was a good place to start today.

For those of you who were either a) there, or b) happened to be on the Ellms trolley ride through farm you know what it was all about this year….a bed in the middle of a christmas tree farm.  Some moms and dads hid as the trolley went by…I think perhaps they were embarrassed by my crazy little setup?!  Well, if  you ask me, the should-have-been 30 minute trip turned 80 minutes thanks to a not-so-well strapped mattress on my car was well flipping worth it.  Next to a bouncy bounce, I’m not sure I could have set up a session that the kids would have found any cooler.

See for your pretty little selves.  :)