Golly me….where do I even begin with this blog post?  Lets first talk about Trinity.  I met her for the first time back in July of 2011 when I photographed her gorgeous family in Alford, MA.  It was one of those sessions that I knew would stick with me forever…she is one of those people you immediately love…and her family is just beautiful inside and out.  Her family picture has made its way onto almost every piece of marketing material I print.  :)  I had the pleasure of seeing them again last year when she came all the way to Charlton for my Christmas Minis.  Lucky me!!

Fast forward to this past January when I was contacted by Trinity’s sister in law Becky who wanted to schedule a large family session back in Alford for herself, Trinity and her other sister. I was so excited!!  We scheduled for June and thanks (not!) to weather issues, bug bites that created swollen eyes too difficult to photoshop out and other various reason, we had to reschedule to this past Friday.

All seemed good to go until I got an email from Becky last week letting me know that the week prior to our session, Trinity was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  I will never again be able to pull into my local post office without reliving reading those words…stage 4 liver cancer…and the absolute horror I felt in the deep pit of my stomach.  How can this be?!  How does this happen to such an amazing person?!  Trinity was to begin aggressive treatment this week and decided to proceed with just a mommy & kiddo session on Friday….despite the 80% chance of rain the forecast was predicting.  So Thursday night I prepared for one of the most important sessions of my career.  These images had to be amazing…and they had to show the absolute love and adoration this mother has for her three beautiful children.  And I had to do that despite practically black skies and torrential rain forcing us inside.  Thank god for some magic lighting and some even more magic people.

Please keep Trinity, her husband John and her three gorgeous children in your prayers as she begins treatment this week.  She’s one tough cookie and I’m praying every moment of every day that she kicks some serious cancer butt.

Love you Trinity!!!!  xoxo