Three is a wonderfully exciting age…they really become these interactive little people, no longer just a toddler.  Yet, a few of those toddler tendencies tend to hold on tight for a little bit longer.  In this little guys case, it was the intense need for a nap.  Don’t I know from personal experience that they rarely nap on the days we actually need them too…and in turn, take marathon naps when we have places to go.  No nap meant cutting our session a shorter than I would have liked, but you just know when you’ve pulled all you can out of them.  Nonetheless, we captured some fun lovin’ moments as he was much happier simply interacting with mom and dad and trying to forget I was following them around with this huge contraption slung around my neck.  It was actually quite sweet to sit back and watch their cute and silly games that elicited such belly laughs out of an otherwise, very sleepy little boy.  I did manage to pull out a few tricks of my own and get just a few chuckles directed my way as well.  :)