You may want to start!  I know it’s crazy, but the holidays are 6-8 weeks away so there is no better way to start off the season than figuring out your cards early…instead of scrambling at the last minute.  I have some really great designs to offer clients this year!

Below is a sampling of some favorites from my 2010 collection.  Keep in mind that all of my designs are customizable, so if you want blue instead of yellow, or pink instead of green, it can be done!   And we’ll work together on your own personalized greeting.  I’m also excited to offer uniquely shaped cards this year so any of the designs you see below (or that we design together) can be put into almost any shape card.  Oh, and any of the circle shaped cards can have a hole added to the top and be turned into an ornament card!  So if any of the below strike your fancy, or you’d like to discuss using an image (or images) from a recent session for a unique custom holiday card, contact me so we can get started!