There are many many things I love about photography.  One of the most important for me is the cameras ability to capture not just an image, but a corresponding emotion.  I feel that pictures do for me what music often does.  Ever hear a song that brings you immediately back to a very specific moment in time?  So much so that you could close your eyes and you are back in the same room, with the same people, same smells and same emotions?  I LOVE that feeling.  Looking back at images of my girls often have a similar effect on me.  And while these images were only taken a few days ago, I still giggled out loud because I can remember exactly how she sounded, how she smelled (it was right after a diaper change luckily) and how she made me feel…which is simply amazing and blessed to be her mom.  And I can rest assured that while I know she’ll grow…the sound of her voice and laughter will change and she won’t be quite as amused by my chasing her around screaming dinosaur noises, I can look back at these and have those moments back as often as I wish.