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You may want to start!  I know it’s crazy, but the holidays are 6-8 weeks away so there is no better way to start off the season than figuring out your cards early…instead of scrambling at the last minute.  I have some really great designs to offer clients this year!

Below is a sampling of some favorites from my 2010 collection.  Keep in mind that all of my designs are customizable, so if you want blue instead of yellow, or pink instead of green, it can be done!   And we’ll work together on your own personalized greeting.  I’m also excited to offer uniquely shaped cards this year so any of the designs you see below (or that we design together) can be put into almost any shape card.  Oh, and any of the circle shaped cards can have a hole added to the top and be turned into an ornament card!  So if any of the below strike your fancy, or you’d like to discuss using an image (or images) from a recent session for a unique custom holiday card, contact me so we can get started!

Despite some dreary looking skies, the weather held out for the morning and the boys certainly didn’t seem to mind running around in muddy gardens and barns!  And even their little sister quicily followed in their footsteps and was off and running in no time after them.  Now…getting them all to stay in the same place for two seconds was another story!  But we managed a few sweet family moments before off they went again exploring some barns, climbing on fences and even up in some trees…doing what kids do best–having fun!

After one rained out date, I was so happy the weather held out (barely) for our Kidography Playdate last weekend!  Lots more to blog, but I wanted to at least get up the images from the winner of the Playdate Contest.  I was so happy to see all the roses still happy and vibrant and the kids definitely took full advantage of this enormous garden playground!

First official “fall” session of the season and boy did we make the most out of the newly ready apples!  Poor little Stella (how stinkin’ cute is that name by the way??) was feeling a little under the weather and wasn’t so in the mood to be chased around, but one of her favorite things is eating the apples off the tree in the backyard, so she tolerated me so long as she could chow down.  Normally, we would have rescheduled for a time she was feeling more chipper, but as you’ll see, she has a baby brother ready to make his entrance into this world at any moment, so we were a little short on time.  And being the great big sister she is, she was even willing to share some of her apples… 

I’ve had my eye on these for a LONG time and was so excited to finally be able to put one together for a client.  They are the perfect way to display multiple images from your session in wallet size (3×3).  They can be custom made like the one below or simple images without background and frames…whatever floats your boat!  

I am just so in love with these little buggers!  And Connor is pretty cute himself.  :)

Is it insane that we are already planning for the Holidays??  Yes!  I am already missing the hot summer days and they’ve only been gone for, well, less than a week!  I’m a summer girl.  I don’t like being cold and I don’t like having to wear shoes…but alas, I embrace the fall nonetheless.

Anyhoo–while I may fear the cold weather, many of my clients have been beyond excited for the cool crisp clean air, apples, cider and beautiful fall foliage.   I have very few weekend dates left in October, so if you are one of those who have been waiting for cooler air and bright colors to get your photos done, don’t hesitate to contact me today to book your date!   All sessions that take place prior to November 14th will be guaranteed to receive prints and/or cards in time for the Holidays.

I am also super, SUPER excited to be offering these adorable Tree Art Ornament Cards to my clients.  Every year, I struggle to find places in my home to display all of the gorgeous cards I receive from friends and family.  How awesome would it be to just plop it right on your tree along with all your other favorite memories?!   Even if you’ve already had a session this year and don’t plan on another one before the holidays, contact me if you’re interested in using any of your previous session images on these truly unique holiday cards!

Hope all the kiddos are enjoying those exciting first few days of school!!

While I’m sure the roses enjoyed their thirsty day, my clients and I did not.  Boo!  So even though summer is nearing it’s end, I’m optimistic in rescheduling my Garden Playdate for September 19th (location still to be determined).  Thanks to the date change, I have a few extra openings so if you wanted to get in on the first one and weren’t able to, jump on it this time! 

I’ve wanted to offer a jewelry line to my clients for some time, so I’m super excited to finally announce its arrival.   If you’ve ever considered having your images turned into beautiful sterling silver jewelry, check out the sampling below to see just a few of the different styles I have to offer.  All of the pieces are customizable so you can change the charm shape, add additional charms or hand stamped initial or name charms.   The Holidays are not too far around the corner {gasp} and these are the perfect gift for those doting moms, grandmas, aunts or even yourself!  I must admit, I am trying to show some real self control myself as I’m eyeing the ring in a bad, bad way.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to see a full catolog of necklaces, charm bracelets, keychains and even cufflinks (can’t leave out those dads).

With only a few months before their birthday, we wanted to capture the some of the last moments before they officially enter the teenage years.  You would never guess those tough years are almost here by how cooperative and fun they were to be around.  Maybe there is hope for their mom yet!