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  • Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to browse through my most recent sessions and the links that will provide you with all the information you'll need to book your very own session. My approach to photographing families is so much more than simply capturing a still moment. It's preserving a feeling, a I hope that when you look back on your images years from now, you will not only remember how your children looked, but how they sounded, how they laughed and how they lived.

99.9% of my sessions take place in a park, field or orchard.  I don’t often think of urban sessions as something I do.  But when this family described the outfits they wanted to wear during their session, it just didn’t scream green and wild to me.  It needed something different.  So 30 minutes before our session was to start, we made a last minute location switch to an urban setting.  And I have to say, I am in LOVE.  So who wants to shoot here next?!

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gotten to photograph these three amazing children, but each time, I adore them even more than the last.  One of these days, I promise you’ll get to see their mother’s beautiful face…right Rebecca?!  :)

So honored to have been asked to spend Roman’s birthday morning capturing his amazingness.  I mean, seriously, how stinkin’ cute is this kid?  His mom and dad aren’t too bad themselves.  Oh, and Stella.  We couldn’t possibly leave out sweet Stella.  :)

So honored to have been asked to capture this special moment in Meghan’s journey…

When you get a call from your client the week of Mother’s Day asking to meet you at the apple orchards asap because it looks so amazingly gorgeous, you don’t ask questions…you just go.  :)

Mother’s Day is just a month away. I’m offering a 20% discount on my Classic Sessions exclusively for Mommy & Me Sessions on Sunday, May 7th.  Moms, get in the frame with your littles this year. Don’t wait for the tan, the extra few pounds you hope to shed, or any of the hundred of other reasons we convince ourselves are worth putting it off (I am just as guilty!). Our kids think we are gorgeous exactly as we are. They adore us not for how we look, but for how we live, and how we love. Let me capture how very, very loved you really are…

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I first met this momma back in 2013 (see her first blog debut here!) and have been honored to watch and photograph her family as it’s grown from just sweet little Reese to 3 lovely little ladies!  Littlest London just celebrated her first birthday and I was thrilled to capture a lifestyle shoot in to capture this time.  I love photographing this family so much they practically have to throw me out of the house to get rid of me.  :) Happy Birthday Londy!!

I just have to include this behind the scenes image because it’s just so exactly how it goes. Getting these beautiful images ain’t easy. :P



I am so excited to introduce a new addition to my Simplicity Sessions, Simply Studio!  As much as I love lifestyle sessions, not all of my clients want the stress often involved in being photographed in their home.  So I finally put in the time to convert a spare room into a pseudo “lifestyle” studio!  No distracting backgrounds, props or frills.  Just light, soft, natural timeless images of your babe.  Studio sessions are best for bumps, newborns and babies up to 2 years old*.   Email me to learn more!


*Sibling and family images can be added for an additional fee. Contact me for options.

Some days during this project, I am praying our day is interesting enough to warrant documenting.  Other days, I have an incredibly hard time choosing which image to share.  So as in past years, I’ve compiled a collage of “outtakes”, or images that almost made the cut, but then something even better happened.  :) Enjoy!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw most of these, but for those of you who didn’t, I thought I’d put together a little slideshow.  Thanks for following our sometimes crazy, sometimes boring little life!  Outtakes blog coming soon.  :)