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A HUGE thanks to all of my wonderful clients of 2010.  With itty bitty 5 week old Declan, I wrapped up my last session for the year on Sunday (blog post to follow!).  I have LOVED meeting your wonderful, wonderful children and feel incredibly blessed to have been trusted to capture some of your most treasured moments.  Recently, I was also excited to tap into another passion of mine {design!} by using some of your favorite images and creating lovely holiday cards for you to share with friends and families…and while it was a CRAZY few weeks rushing images and orders, it all came together splendidly and I smiled all the while reviewing them again for this post.  So now that I’m pretty sure (I hope!) they have all been sent out and I’m not ruining any surprises, I’m excited to share some of them.

Wishing you and yours a very, very happy holiday season and a fabulous New Year!!

And puppy dog tails!  That’s what little boys are made of.  We had a wonderful November morning at the gorgeous, gorgeous Emma Willard.  Mom and Dad were married here years ago and hadn’t been back since so we had fun reliving some fun memories with Nicholas in tow this time!  We found a beautiful spot where the fresh yellow and orange leaves had just fallen and it was a perfect way to kick off the session.  I could have stayed there all day walking around taking advantage of all the perfect spots on this stunning campus!

Finally!  The busy season is come to an end.  Holiday orders have been packaged and delivered and I finally get to sit down and breath a sigh of relief!  And then realize how backed up I am on blogging.  Like REALLY backed up.  So I guess there is no rest for the weary (yet).  Looking back through these images actually make me giggle a little at how we complained about the chill in the air that day.  I’d guess it was about 50 degrees and yet we couldn’t wait to get into our cars and crank the heat.  And yet this week, when my car displayed the freezing temp at 16 degrees, how I wished and wished for 50 degrees again!

I’ve known these two since Elizabeth was 18 months old and Finley was yet to be a bean pod in mommy’s belly.  They have the spunkiest personalities and crack me up every time.  You know a good session when you leave with a little belly ache from laughing so hard.  Finley’s faces are just too much to take. God I love these girls!!

There is nothing sweeter to watch than a first time momma with her brand new bundle of joy. The love that pours from that mom could bring even the toughest of us to tears. There are many, many reasons I love my job. Being able to share and capture those first few snuggles of pure unconditional love just makes my heart super happy.

I’ll start this post by saying that these are some of my favorite people in the whole world.  Molly and Kennedy met when Kennedy, being her wild self, slammed her chair repeatedly into shy little Molly when they were just 20 months old.  Despite my wild childs ways, Molly and Kennedy became quick friends (as did Rachel and I) and years later, we couldn’t image our life without them.  Kennedy adores Molly and treats her much like a sister (fights included).  And adding Cooper to the mix just six months ago makes our playdates all the more fun…though I somewhat fear my girls fighting over which one gets his attention in the later years.

I could go on and on about how wonderful this family is, but I think the pictures speak for themselves…


I meet a lot of kids and each one of them are memorable in their own special way.  Carson is one of those personalities I will never forget.  He just turned one and kept me laughing so hard I had to at times put the camera down just to enjoy his adorableness.  If you ever ask him to show you his muscles, I promise you that his response will land you on the floor in a fit of giggles.  The intense concentration as he throws his arms out to the side and shakes his whole body while flexing is something that just HAS to be seen in person to fully appreciate.  I hope mom has video after video to torture him with someday.  :) 

Without further ado, here is Carson and his adorable family (pup included)!

I photographed Trevors big sister Stella just last month and was so excited to finally meet this 10lb beauty who made his mommy wait a whole 7 days past his due date before making his grand entrance!  The family was so overjoyed with their newest addition and I was honored to be a part of their first few days settling in as a family of 4…

Many people may poo-poo Facebook for a variety of reasons, but I have to admit that it’s been great to reconnect with so many old friends from my past.  I changed schools in the 10th grade so I lost touch with many of those I left behind.  Through Facebook, I have found many of those old friendships and it’s been wonderful to see where we’ve all landed so many years later.  I was beyond delighted when a good friend from Elementary School contacted me a while back asking me to donate to a few fundraisers she was working on through her company, Portfolio PR Group.   We’ve stayed in touch and just wrapped up a super fun session with her and her beyond adorable daughter Ella.  Auntie Corinne even joined in on the fun for a few shots (good forethought for holiday gifts Nicole!).  Ella sure did her best to wear me out, but we had a blast and captured some really fun shots that display her spunky personality just perfectly (in my own humble opinion)! 

I’ve been photographing little Madeline since she was tucked snug inside her mom’s belly and am blown away how quickly the last 6 months have gone by.  She just warms my heart when I get to spent time with her (and her more than smitten parents).  She has the world’s most adorable cheeks you can’t help but to pinch!   Thanks for a fun little playdate Maddie.  Can’t wait to see you again!!

It rained three days straight before our session so I was super psyched when the sun peeked out that morning…especially since I’d been looking forward to shooting in the lovely sunset light and finally had a set of kiddos who have outgrown the bewitching hour!  I was lovin’ the yummy, yummy light and the setting was simply perfect for it.  See for yourself!