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My 28th and final photo-a-day.  While I’ll admit it hasn’t been easy breezy posting every single day, I’ve really {really} enjoyed doing it and can’t wait to assemble these all into a nice coffee table book so we will always be able to look back at our life as it was in February 2011.  I struggled with how to end the project and finally decided that a nice clean portrait of me and my lovely ladies might be the perfect end cap.  Of course, today was a school day for Kennedy so I anxiously awaited for 3pm.  Knowing the Mister wouldn’t likely be around until dusk or later, I had to put my self-portrait skills to the test.  So out I went into the wind and cold (because the thought of another indoor picture was just too depressing) to set up the tripod, remote shutter, and focus…all while praying the wind didn’t bring my camera crashing to the ground.  I think it was well worth the effort.


Thank you to everyone who has followed us throughout this month long project and for all the kind, kind words!

Mom contacted me months ago to schedule her bump and baby sessions so it was a long build up of excitement to finally meet her in January for her mini-bump-session.  It had snowed the pervious day so I was excited to get outside for a few shots with the gorgeous snow covered trees.  Then just a little over 4 weeks later, sweet Caroline entered their world.  I knew mom had jinxed us when she opened the door and exclaimed “she sleeps ALL day and you can do nothing to wake her!”.  I think little Caroline was a bit weary of this new woman {me} who appeared to be moving into her home, getting her all undressed and arranging all of her itty bitty parts just so.  But she was a total trooper and we got some wonderful shots of her gorgeous little self.  Hope to see you again soon Miss Caroline!

AND BABY MAKES THREE (four if you include Maverick)…

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Happy creating!

We had scheduled this session last minute before the holidays, so despite it being in the teens this particular day, we went ahead with the session so we could be sure to get holiday cards in time.  The family had the perfect attitude for a cold winter day like this and were troopers throughout the whole session!  I love when I photograph a family who is up for just about anything and don’t take themselves too seriously.  The girls even gave up their jackets for a few shots (though I dare you to try and find any exposed fingers).  We kept it brief so we didn’t exposes any noses to frostbite (maybe I’m exaggerating how cold it was, but you all know what a wuss I am when it comes to winter!), but we got some wonderful fun images nonetheless…

Meet 4 month young Katilyn.   I haven’t done an all black and white blog post yet…but for some reason, when browsing through these for the millionth time, they were the ones that stood out amongst all others.  Kaitlyn greeted me at the door with those adorable cheeks you just can’t resist pinching and a smile that warmed my heart immediately!  And as you can see from this snuggle session, her mother wholeheartedly agrees.

There are many many things I love about photography.  One of the most important for me is the cameras ability to capture not just an image, but a corresponding emotion.  I feel that pictures do for me what music often does.  Ever hear a song that brings you immediately back to a very specific moment in time?  So much so that you could close your eyes and you are back in the same room, with the same people, same smells and same emotions?  I LOVE that feeling.  Looking back at images of my girls often have a similar effect on me.  And while these images were only taken a few days ago, I still giggled out loud because I can remember exactly how she sounded, how she smelled (it was right after a diaper change luckily) and how she made me feel…which is simply amazing and blessed to be her mom.  And I can rest assured that while I know she’ll grow…the sound of her voice and laughter will change and she won’t be quite as amused by my chasing her around screaming dinosaur noises, I can look back at these and have those moments back as often as I wish.

I’ll warn you, it’s a long one!  There were so many wonderful children.  So many wonderful families and so many wonderful moments.  I had a terrible time choosing the ones to include in this post!  So if you’re lovie isn’t here, it doesn’t mean I don’t adore them or the images we created together, but if I want people to continue reading my bloggity blog, I can’t overwhelm too much, right?!  I also realized while going through that I am a bit behind on some more recent sessions, so keep an eye out for those as well this week!

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy on this crazy cold wintery day!!

2010 was a FANTASTIC year.  I got to meet so many wonderful, wonderful families and feel blessed to have been trusted to capture their love for one another on camera.  Creating this blog post has been so much fun looking back at all the wonderful images and reliving the sessions all over again!  I had such a hard time narrowing my favorite images down that I’ll break it into two (or more) posts so as to not overwhelm you with the serious cuteness.

I’ll admit I was a tad reluctant to take on an engagement session since I don’t typically shoot big people (unless there is a tiny human involved) and have little to no interest in the wedding scene.  For one, I cherish my  nights and weekends.  Secondly, I adore the tiny humans and like to focus all my efforts solely on them.  Not sure what that says about me, but I like to think it means I’m just a big kid at heart who loves to run around, make silly noises and faces and giggle like I’m 5 again.  But after being told there would in fact be an adorable little boy named Jackson involved, I couldn’t say no, so I happily agreed.  Looking back, I laugh that I was at all reluctant.  I had a BLAST.  I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with and they made my job so incredibly easy by having truly wonderful personalities and being ridiculously gorgeous.  I love all my sessions, but I grinned ear to ear while editing these images and couldn’t wait to show them to Emilie and Chris.  Congratulations guys!!

There is something about a baby on a bed, baring only her diaper and grinning from ear to ear that makes my heart super happy.  Cora was ready for me from the moment I walked in the door and charmed it up throughout the entire session.  It was one of those sessions that kept a perma-smile on my face the whole ride home and had me racing to my computer to download the images…ok, and peek at them…and maybe edit one or two (or five).  Her cuteness was overwhelming.  See for yourself…