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At the risk of sounding like a {very} broken record, I love Spring.  And I’m not alone.  Spring brings out not just the warm weather, but all the amazing things that go along with it…like bike rides.  Anyone who knows me well knows I have trouble riding a bike.  I’ve received more scrapes and bruises as an adult as I did as a child.  Not sure what the true issue is, but for sure, I am not to be trusted with a child on board.  So I invested in the Burley last year so the girls could both enjoy a nice bike ride without the risk of being thrown by their clumsy mother.  I’d venture to say they don’t mind one bit.

Finally!!  After rescheduling this session from a crummy, crummy March day, I’d say it was well worth the wait!  We’re still waiting for everything to bloom and green up a bit, but you wouldn’t hear a bit of complaining last weekend as we ran around sans gloves, coats and hats enjoying the warm Spring sun on our backs.  Sweet Emi was feeling a bit under the weather as the poor thing was cutting a few new teeth, but she rallied well and gave me a few coy smiles here and there.  Logan on the other hand had enough energy for at least 3 children and was a BLAST to chase around and play hide and seek with.

Playing with and photographing this lovely family reminded me once again how very much I love my job and how incredibly lucky I am to meet such wonderful, wonderful people.

Or say the calendar says, right?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about enough of this white stuff that is rumored to appear on my lawn again by dawn tomorrow…so I’m ignoring it for now and instead trying to think of the warm Spring days ahead.  Here is a a calendar update for those of you still interested in booking a Spring session.

April:  Weekend dates booked!
May:   One weekend session left Memorial Day weekend.
June:  Three weekend slots available.

Weekday slots are also still available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.


And because no blog post is complete without some images, here a little look back at last spring to help brighten this otherwise dreary day!

I have raised a picky eater.  Not by design, but she can take one look at something and decide instantly if she will try it or not (“or not” usually wins).  She has a few favorites though that I can always count on providing a full belly.  Much to my delight, pizza is on the top of that list.  There is no other food she so intently focuses on and devours in record time.  If the brown eyes and quirky personality didn’t prove anything, this surely confirms she is in fact mine.

I know I’m squeezing this one in at the last possible minute, but it’s been a crazy, crazy week.  Kennedy’s school is holding it’s annual Gala next weekend and I have volunteered much of my time over the last few weeks helping pull it all together.  It’s going to be a wonderful event and if you have a moment, you should check out our online auction.  Anyone can bid on the items (there are some great ones!) and all the money is going to support the Brown School.  A school that has put a smile on my daughters face each and every day she arrives and has done more than I can say for her growth and development.  I could not be more proud to be a Brown School parent and support this wonderful school.

So, to switch gears completely, I love, love, love our little nighttime rituals.  Each night around 7 or so, I run upstairs to grab the girls pajamas before we settle down to watch a show before bed.  It’s become our little game for the girls to stand in the foyer, arms stretched out as high as they can go just waiting for me to drop their “jam-jams” over the ledge.  Their excited faces and giggles as the clothes fall into their arms are just too sweet for words.


Being as John’s mom was born and raised in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is kinda a big deal in our house.  This year especially, Kennedy could not be any more proud to be Irish.

On a nasty day like this, I figured I’d warm you all up with a few images of sweet little 5 week old Declan.  He gave me the perfect amount of sleepy and awake time and while sleeping, his lips puckered into the most adorable little pout.  I could have photographed them all day long…enjoy!

I have had such a wonderful, wonderful response to my photo-a-day project that I’ve decided to keep it up, but rather as a photo-a-week.  I’m looking forward to keeping you all up to date each week with a little glimpse into our own crazy life!

In honor of Mardi Gras, Kennedy decided to have a little celebration with some festive wear…