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I LOVE 4-6 months.  Though it’s funny because I often find myself saying to parents during our session, “5 months is my favorite age!”, “2 is my favorite age!” and after 3-4 sessions of saying this about 3-4 different ages, I realized that I meant it each and every time and that I truly love every age of childhood.  I love the soft skin of a newborn, the wonder in the eyes of a 3 month old, the discovery of sitting up at 4-6 months…I could go on and on.  Sebastian was just learning the art of sitting up at our session last month and it was so fun to watch his parents guide him through the wobbly process…see for yourself!


This lovely, lovely family were the lucky winners of my giveaway on Kristi Gustafson’s TU blog, On The Edge.  If you haven’t yet checked it out, it’s a must read!  I have it in my google reader (which if you also don’t use, start now!!) and love when I see one of her posts pop up.

I love exploring new ways to meet families and Kristi’s blog introduced me not only to the winner featured below, but to many more who visited my site and Facebook page in the following days.  So a big, big, BIG thank you to Kristi and her fabulous blog!!

I had so, so, so, so much fun photographing these three.  I often get asked my potential clients if I only do babies and toddlers.  Of course not!  I love working with kids of all ages and each age group brings their own unique fun personality to the session….and I love every second of it!  So if you’re been holding off because you’re afraid your kiddos are getting too old, don’t!  I’ve done all ages up to and including teenagers, and despite their all too often skepticism about all the fun I promise we’re going to have, they find themselves laughing right along with me and having a grand ol’ time.  :)

Now onto the images, which is why you’re really here anyways right?


The first two to three weeks in May are some of my favorite weeks out of the whole year to shoot my sessions (providing the rain holds out!).  Everything is in perfect bloom…the cherry blossoms and magnolias are filled with stunning pink blooms that make for some of the most gorgeous backdrops I could ask for.  This day couldn’t have been any more perfect for sweet Isabella’s first professional photo shoot.  Mom and dad are just bursting with pride and love for little Isabella and I think our session captured that just wonderfully.  Till we meet again Isabella!


If you’re like me {forgive me John}, you’re always scrambling to find the latest gadget, tie or tool to get dad for Father’s Day.  Break out of the same ol’ same ol’ and get him something he’ll be stoked to receive…images of his most cherished!

This package offers a $200+ discount and is perfectly designed to fill dads office with 5×7 images for frames on his desk, digitals to run on his screensaver and a mini-album to show off when he is on the road.  Space is limited and Mothers Day Specials went quick so don’t wait to book your special session!

Of course how you use it is up to you…you can either surprise dad with images of you and the kiddos or let him in on the surprise and ask him to join in the fun of the session.  Either way, I have no doubt this is one of the best gifts he will receive this Father’s Day!


Spring had arrived just in time for this lovely mother daughter session.  The clear blue sky perfectly matched the sweet and cheery moods of these two as we began shooting.  I think the images we captured that day couldn’t better depict their love and admiration for one another.  Alyina sure loved the camera, but after viewing the images, I think the camera may love her even more.  I mean seriously, how incredibly gorgeous is she?  And to think she’s only 5.  I predict someone’s going to break more than her fair share of hearts in the years to come…don’t you?

I’ve been photographing Juliana since she was a pea in her mommas belly.  It’s been so much fun to watch her grow from an itty bitty newborn…

…to this amazing little 14 month old, with an adorably sweet personality and much, much love for her parents.  We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to capture it all.


These last few weeks, the girls have found much love and  laughter in wrestling matches.  I often find myself yelling at them to quit being so rough only to be drowned out by the sound of happy squeals and giggles.  How mad can I really get at faces like these?


Just a little sneak peek from this weekend.   So happy to finally see all the trees and flowers in bloom!  I think Miss Juliana was too.


Over the last week or so, McKenna has had an incredible fascination with her toes.  Socks are thrown to the floor within moments of  being put on as she plops herself on the floor to ever so carefully inspects each and every toe…and every nook and cranny in-between.  Maybe a bit odd, but frankly, I’m thankful they are staying out of her mouth…and having toes clear of toe jam isn’t the worst thing now is it?


Much to my delight, I receive many requests a day to “take a picture of this!” from the Bean.  I try to oblige as much as I can since I know these moments are fleeting (as is her willingness to participate).  This week, a few months shy of her 4th birthday, I noticed a change in the images I captured of her.  At first, I thought it was a fluke, but by the time I had emailed the 4th photo to my husband, I realized that there was truth to the images.  That round, chubby baby face is nowhere to be found.  The eyes express more understanding and wonder than they had even a few months ago.  Our little girl is growing up.  She’s becoming a sweet, sophisticated, loving young girl.  I can more easily see the teenager and woman she’ll become someday…and fear that those days will be here before we can blink an eye.  Thank you Kennedy for reminding me to slow down a little and better soak up the moments of your beautiful, beautiful world.