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  • Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to browse through my most recent sessions and the links that will provide you with all the information you'll need to book your very own session. My approach to photographing families is so much more than simply capturing a still moment. It's preserving a feeling, a I hope that when you look back on your images years from now, you will not only remember how your children looked, but how they sounded, how they laughed and how they lived.

I can’t even express how amazing this years mini session turnout was.  I mean, I knew the location and design would be amazing (a huge thank you to my incredibly talented friend Stephanie Belles!!), but the 56 families that booked were even more so.  I loved seeing so many beautiful families, from loyal existing to brand new faces.  Can’t wait to plan next years!!

Happy New Year!!

As a mom of only girls, I often forget how much energy boys have!  They sure gave me a run for my money, but I loved every moment.  After multiplate reschedules (again, thanks Mother Nature), I searched high and low for any pretty fall foliage left and may have squealed when I found a small patch of yellow trees amongst a lot of sad brown lot.  Keeping the boys in such a small area of color wasn’t an easy task, but I’d say they did pretty awesome!

The weather gods were not very nice to me this fall!  So many sessions scheduled, reschedule and rescheduled yet again.  This amazingly patient family and I had no less than 4 sessions scheduled and ultimately cancelled before we finally made it happen in mid-November.  Despite some seriously chilly temps and the loss of most of the foliage, I would say all’s well that ends well, yes??   Oh, and seriously.  If you own a dog and book a session with me, prepared to be scolded if you don’t bring them along.  :)

This family was referred to me by one of my most favorite people in the world, Cara Olsen, who despite being amazingly talented, has cut back on photographing families (even though I still force her to do my own family session every year)…so even though I hadn’t met this family before, I knew it was going to be a great session.  Great was an understatement.  I loved them almost instantly and frankly, had a hard time finally putting my camera away.  No doubt they were probably ready to be rid of me a good half hour before I let them.  lol.  Thanks for putting up with me guys!

Fall itself is not my favorite time of the year since it symbolizes the end of summer (my favorite) and the beginning of colder months to come.  That being said, it’s my favorite time of year to photograph.  Not even summer can compare in terms of the depth of colors and beauty the fall brings. Especially when you insert families like this.  See look at me finding the silver lining…

Fall sessions are in full swing and I am loving every moment of the crazy!!

I don’t even know where to start with this incredible family.  If you can even imagine it, they just as beautiful inside as they are outside.  They are the one of the most genuine, loving and sweet families you could ever meet.  And I am ridiculously lucky that they are in my life.  I could go on for hours about all the things that make them amazing, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  :) 


Who would have guessed that we’d be blessed with 80 degree plus temps in mid-September?!  When I photographed this family last year in October, the weather was 40 degrees and began snowing halfway through, so this was a well deserved gorgeous evening for our 2017 family session…and we made the most of it!  This family shines from the inside out and you can just feel the love and personality in every image I took…

These two babes are some of my all time favs.  It’s both exciting and bittersweet that this is the last time I’ll be photographing just sisters…they have a little brother joining them in a few weeks and I am beyond excited to meet this little man…and see how amazing they’ll be as big sisters!  So keep your eyes peeled for a newborn shoot to follow.  :)

There are few things as flattering as a family that has moved away, but waits until they are back visiting before even considering a session with anyone else.  I just adore this family and watching them grow year after year.  After three amazing boys, Lucy joined their family in June and I have no doubt she is the luckiest little sister ever.  I loved spending some time capturing them as a family of 6 and hope I get to see you guys again soon!