Meet the Balzers

There are only a handful of couples in my life that I love near as much as this one.  It would take me days to describe why so just take my word for it.  They are incredible.  Mom is that girlfriend you can always count on for a good ab workout when you’re with because the belly laughs are nonstop…and dad’s not so lame himself.  He’s also a brilliant architect (in another lifetime, I will steal his job).

So when he mentioned last year that he had his eye on this amazing barn in Saratoga Springs with the vision to turn it into his family home, my eyes lit up and I jumped at the chance to not only photograph the barn itself, but his lovely girls in front of the existing structure before they begin construction in a few weeks.  Because we were pressed for time before the barn beings its conversion, we had to move fast and unfortunately, the weather (and light) was not on our side….but thankfully, the girls spunky and beautiful personalities shined right through the dim dark skies…



And I have to include just a few of the gorgeous barn itself.  I can’t wait to post a before and after when it’s completed next year…it’s going to be flipping AMAZING.