Goldilocks x 3

People often ask if I’m having a third child.  My answer has always been the same…no stinkin’ way!  I am thrilled with my two little ladies and would be deathly afraid of breaking their amazing connection by introducing a third.  But I’ll admit, seeing these three gorgeous ladies together made me think for like half a second that three would seem pretty darn great.  They were so wonderful with one another…especially their patience with little 15 month old Maddalena, who was just learning to waddle around after her big sisters.

I really loved this session for so many reasons.  First, mom and I go way back to our days at St. Rose and have had our paths cross many times in the 8 years (ouch) since…so I was delighted to hear from her about setting up a surprise session for Fathers Day (yep, I’m just that far behind on some of my blogs!).  Second, her sense of fashion is like no other.  I mean, these girls looked ahhhhhh-mazing.  I’ll be lying if I wasn’t a teensy bit in awe of her style sense as I peeked down at my tattered jeans, flip flops and tank during our session, but hey, we are who we are right?  And lastly, she let them go barefoot.  Which I LOVED because, well, I don’t know exactly why, but perhaps shoes would have seemed over the top maybe with the outfits…and the dirty bare feet just kept the images so perfectly real.  :)