You may remember these two cuties from way back in April 2010.  Little Lydia lives all the way across the land in warm ol’ Cali, so she only comes to visit once or twice a year so I was super stoked with Grandma emailed me a few months ago to set up another session.  I gasped when I saw Lydia…she’s a little girl now!  I mean, I have two kids. I know this growing up thing happens and all…but it doesn’t seem as drastic when you watch it happen day after day.  I so vividly remembered the session as if it were yesterday that I was so taken aback when I realized over a year had actually passed…and that little 6 month old was a baby no more. Despite only seeing each other a few times a year, these two cousins seem as much like sisters as they do cousins and the screech that erupted from Lydia when Ainsley walked in the door was to stinkin’ adorable for words.

I LOVED catching up with you all…and can’t wait to do it again!