I just popped on my blog to find something and gasped when I realized how far behind I am on blogging my recent (some not as recent!) sessions.  The good news is that business is boomin’ and clients are getting their galleries and orders in a timely fashion!  But that means the bulk of my time is spent shooting, uploading, sorting, editing, finalzing, invoicing, ordering, packaging and shipping…rinse and repeat!  Which means little to no time for blogging.  :(  So I put together just a little blog post with some of the faces you will be seeing as I work harder to fit blogging into my checklist.

I’m officially booking into the fall season now with only a few limited weekday spots left for portrait sessions.  I’ll post a more detailed schedule update this week for those of you who may want to sneak in before the leaves begin to turn once again (I just shivered at the thought)!