All Smiles

Oh sweet, sweet Emma.  Momma was all sortsa worried when she arrived and baby was crashed out cold not only on the way to the park, but even through the transfer to the stroller.  But….any worries of a grumpy baby disappeared almost immediately upon sight of the camera.  I mean really.  This kid would.  not.  stop.  smiling.  I had as much fun reliving this session in my digital darkroom as I did out there shooting it.  Every image makes me beam from ear to ear.  I hope you find the same.  :)

Now, I’m not usually much of a formal “portrait” fan as I typically prefer the enormous gigglish smiles, but there is just something about the look on her face in this first image,  be it those huge blue eyers or pouty lips…that literally makes my heart skip a beat.

Got a little hot…so we shed some clothes.  Kinda glad we did.  Love me some naked baby belly.  :)