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So that’s it. With this final image, my 6th annual February project is officially complete! As stressful as it can be some days, I wouldn’t trade documenting this month for anything. I love watching the albums pile up on the bookshelf year after year, capturing the good, the great, the lazy, the sick, the silly, the weird and the everything in-between moments. I have always ended my project with a self-portrait of me and the girls and it’s by far the most stressful image of the entire month. However, I’ve never regreted forcing myself to get out from behind the lens, no matter how un-camera ready I may feel, to capture moments like this. I mean, seriously, never have you ever met two girls who love being tickled as much as mine.  #outtakesblogcomingsoon

I’m embarrassed to admit that in the 6 years I’ve been in business, this is my first official hospital session.  And I am in LOVE.  I would do one every flipping day if I could.  They represent absolutely everything I love about photography.  Raw emotion, simple everyday moments, and most of all, love.  My philosophy from day one has always been the same.  To provide my families with not just pictures of their family, but real memories that they can hear, smell and feel when they look back at their images.

Some of my favorite images of both my girls as infants were from those first few days in the hospital.  When I look at them, I am immediately brought back to being in that bed, holding my daughter for the first time, the love swelling in my chest and immense sense of pride at being someone’s mother.  There is no better feeling in the world.  So if you are looking into newborn images, please consider a hospital session, so that dad can set down the camera and simply enjoy those first few days undistracted…and trust that I will capture this new love for all of you.

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

February is almost here!  Which means school Valentine’s Day parties are just around the corner.  So instead of running out to Target two days before and picking up a box of teeny tiny cards with pencils to shove through them, why not up your game this year and do personalized photo cards?! has some adorable designs to choose from and my girls are over the moon handing their cards out every year!  So since I already planned a simple set up for my littles, I thought I’d open up a few sessions to all of you as well.  Feel free to email me if you want more info!

And although the setup will be different, here’s a little peek at some of our past cards to give you an idea.  :)  We did  bookmarks last year, which was super fun.  And thanks to my tablet, I can computerize their own handwriting on the cards!  Something we can totally discuss doing for you too if you likey.  :)

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

Wow, were these a hit this year!!  I could not have been more excited about this set up when my designer told me her idea a few months ago.  Finding a vintage red truck up to our standards wasn’t easy, but it came together better than we could have imagined.  I typically don’t repeat my holiday mini set ups from year to year, but I had such a long waiting list for these that I may just have to bring them back in 2016!  So if you know anyone with a red vintage truck who’d be willing to let us borrow it for a day or two, let me know!  With over 25 families participating this year, I couldn’t possibly share every image, so here is a just a fun little sampling.  :)

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

Andrew DiPalma -


I’m Nathan (Nate) DiPalma’s grandfather. We have admired every one of his photos since you started.I take every opportunity to show your photos to everyone who will put up with a proud grandpa.

I saw your request about the truck. I go to a lot of car cruise ins during the Spring/Summer. One fellow I’ve gotten to know casually runs a web site called . If there’s anyone who could find you a red (or any other color) old truck it would be him. Bill Schroeder can reached via e mail at .

During the season, there’s also a “truck specific” show/cruise-in which may provide you an opportunity to contact some owners.

Please accept our best wished for you continued success. We love seeing Nate grow through your artistry. Thank you

Andy and Karen DiPalma

I have been looking forward to this session all season long!  I met this lovely downstate family back in 2013 when they took a chance on me and drove north 2 hours for our session.  It’s so flattering that they loved my work enough to make the trip…twice!  Mason simply has just one of the best personalities ever.  Truly, I could have spent days with him.  I will never forget his adorable little voice shouting at me from the parking lot after we said good-bye “thank you for the pictures!!”.  Seriously, swoooonnnnnn….

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

Anne Kerr -

Amazing-ness Dania. TOTALLY AWESOME!!

I could go on for pages about how wonderful this family is.  Inside and out.  But honestly, you didn’t come to read a bunch of sappy words telling you that they are the kindest, funniest and sweetest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Instead, I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

Oh and Ps.  If you see Cara Olsen out and about today, please wish her the happiest of days.  It’s sorta her birthday.  And her birthday is sorta the biggest deal ever.  Love you girl!!

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

Cara Olsen -

I mean, I honestly can’t even put into words how much I absolutely adore these images and YOU! You have perfectly captured my kiddos and their personalities in each of these images…. Cam’s real laugh (and dimples of course) and Josie’s spunk.. you even caught her biting her nails… I am dying over every single image and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for giving me the absolute best birthday present ever. Love you my friend.

Cara Olsen -

I’ll just be here on your site swooning over these images all day… don’t mind me!

Sharon Passaretti Beach -

So sweet, all the images are beautiful!

The second I laid eyes on this beauty, I knew this was going to be an awesome session.  And it totally was.  She stole my heart from the very first frame…and frankly, if the sun wasn’t setting, I may have just kept on photographing her and her lovely parents for hours and hours…I mean seriously, how amazing are they??

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer


Abigail Morrison -

Great shots! She is so adorable!

Stacie Battaglia -

Ohhhh, She is SO adorable! So are Alex and Jess! XO

This family was just awesome to photograph.  Each girl had a totally unique personality which was just an absolute pleasure to capture on camera.  We got some sweet, some sassy and everything in-between!!

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

Liz Nitsky Egan -

We know Sage! She goes to school with Liam! Cutest girl ever!

It feels like just yesterday I visited this newborn little boy and his lovely parents…and here he is just turning 4.  How does time go so fast?!  I’ve absolutely loved seeing him grow over the years and capturing his milestones.  I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is real life…I really have this job…I really have these amazing clients…gosh how lucky I am!!

As we planned this birthday session, mom wanted two things.  Water and sun.  This location could not have been more perfect.  I loved watching him play, I loved watching the light change, I loved playing with him, his parents and the amazing light the sky offered us that evening.  We’ve been trying for a sunset session for years and the weather gods finally smiled on us this year. Everything about this session makes my photographer heart happy…

See you soon guys!!  xoxoxoxo

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

John Bagyi -

Wow! What a shoot!

Stephanie DiPalma -



Andrew DiPalma -

Simply amazing !! I’m not saying this as Nathan’s grandpa but also as someone who appreciates art.

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