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I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing family today.  The whole family, including all 9 grandchildren (yes 9!) haven’t been within the same 4 walls in over 2 years and I was honored they trusted me to capture the beauty of their family.  I have about a zillion images to thumb through and edit from this mornings sessions, but I couldn’t resist sharing the “money shot” of all 16 of them.  Stay tuned for many more in the coming days…

Thea -

Wow-gorgeous photo Dania! Great job!

I got many great responses to this contest and am so excited to see what theme will be chosen as the premier Playdate!  Please use the voting box below to cast your vote.  For those of you who entered, thank you for your time!  If your theme shows up below, good luck — and feel free to send your friends here to vote for you!  If your idea doesn’t win, don’t fret…I’ll do my best to use all these great ideas, so you’ll certainly get your chance to sign up for your favorite. 

Happy voting!

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Thanks again!!

Schedule your next playdate with me!  Kidography is excited to introduce our very own playdate themed sessions designed for those kiddos between 1 and 8 years of age.  For my premiere playdate session, I’m turning the “theme” part over to Kidography’s followers and giving you all a chance to win a free session.  Kidography by Dania is all about capturing those images that best represent your unique child.  Comment below with your creative idea for a themed session.  Next Wednesday, I will post a top 5 and let the voting begin.  If your theme wins, you and your child will receive a free spot in the playdate session!

Let the imaginations run wild!

Please note that these regardless of the theme chosen, these sessions will take place within 30 minutes of Guilderland.
Jennifer Shanahan -

I think the perfect place to photograph children having fun would be around water. At the lake, near the water, in the boat, on the dock, toasting smores. It’s some good old fashioned fun!

Aileen Flach -

Dania, I know I just had my shoot, but I think an old fashioned front yard lemonade stand/bake sale would be adorable! Love the ad for the contest! Adorable.

Jennifer Pondillo -

Cute contest! What about a session for all the dads out there….thinking baseball field action shots and of course all dressed up in gear. Dug outs, stadium chairs and running the bases! I know my girls have yankee outfits we’ve been meaning to put on! Popcorn and cracker jacks, Root Root for the home team!

Jane Pearson -

Given it’s summer, I think it’d be fun to do something involving ice cream, milk shakes, or some other summer dessert.

Diane Cole -

Dania, I love your work and think this contest is such a great idea! I know my kids love to climb just about anything and think a tree climbing theme would be very cute.

Nicki Mattoon -

Great contest idea! I think that a summer garden theme would be adorable! Great in flower gardens, or even completely cute in a veggie garden!

Kate -

Great idea — sounds like the kids would have a great time and give an opportunity for lots of great pictures! What about a trip to the playground or even backyard swingset?

Sherri Cummings -

I know it’s girl-centric, but I think a tea party theme would be filled with great photo opps.

Adrianne Kent -

I love this contest! I was thinking what about a trip to the zoo! I also had another idea, I love getting good pics of my kids at the saratoga springs! Kids plus water equals cute photos!

Aaron Mattoon -

How about a classic shoot with kids and a little red wagon? Older siblings pulling the younger ones, or sitting in it, around it… CUTE!

Jana Kachmarek -

I know I’m way too far away to win the contest but playing in the sprinkler or wading pool would be super cute. Good luck to the lucky winner!!!

Jill McGee -

This may be too basic, but what about a shoot centered around the child’s favorite toy? Thanks for doing this contest. Such a great idea!

FINALLY!  We had to reschedule Morgan’s one year photos twice thanks to the shoddy weather Spring has provided us.  And of course, we gave up 40 degree rainy days only to end up shooting on the hottest day thus far in 2010.  It was a sweltering 94 degrees as I headed up to meet this lovely family and I prayed I wasn’t pushing my luck with a 14 month old.  Despite the heat, Morgan was amazing and warmed up to me quickly.  I was thankful for this because I was able to get some truly amazing shots of this cutie pie in about half the time I like to avoid her completely melting away.  Poor kids head was practically drenched in sweat as we wrapped up the session, but she was AWESOME through it all and you would never know it by the look on her face in these images.

Thea -

These are so lovely Dania! I love the last one-great peekaboo!

One of the services I love being able to offer my clients is custom card design.  Graphic design is a close second passion and I am stoked that my job allows me to dive into the design field as well.  I’m beyond excited to create everything from holiday cards to birth announcements and birthday invitations.  So if you’ve had a recent session or have one planned, keep this additional service in mind for upcoming birthday parties or other special events and holidays.   Enjoy a few peeks at some recent designs!


And just a few personal ones for the Bagyi girls…

Ashley DiPaola -

those are really cute dania! i love the one for cooper – nice work! and that is too much fun that you are having a joint party for the girls – two birds with one stone:)

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely, lovely family this past weekend.  Mom wanted some real candid shots of her kids doing what they loved best.  So I sat them down to grab a few family portraits and then spent the rest of the session chasing them around their yard and getting shots of them in their own element.  These kids were FUN.  They loved showing off all of their amazing abilities from dancing, the playing football to climbing any and every tree in sight.  I could have posted the whole session because I loved the images that much, but want to leave some element of surprise.  Could I have a better job in the world??

Jennifer Pondillo -

Looks like this session was a lot of fun! You captured some nice smiles!

Does it get better than that?  I was so excited when I heard the news that the momma-to-be I photographed back in March had her baby girl.  I couldn’t wait to get up there and get my hands on her!   Wait till you see all of her amazing dark hair.  Reminds me so much of my now almost 3 year old when she was born…and even though I still technically have a 10 month old “baby” at home, my heart briefly ached for just one more!


Holly Palmer -

The ‘sneak peak’ was over the top, until we saw these fabulous shots. Beautiful work…beautiful baby!

Holly Palmer -

oops…peek, not a word I write or type all the time.

Aunt Andi -

I have the most adorable niece in the world…. these pictures are amazing – brought tears to my eyes! I’m so in love with her ;)

Holly Palmer -

Looking at them again, and again…absolute perfection. One happy Gramma!

Being a mom of two girls, it was certainly a change of pace for me playing with these two adorable brothers.  And boy did we play!  They had so much great energy and I had a blast chasing after them with my camera (and taking a few camera breaks for some fun games of tag).  Of course, the games of tag led to my favorite game of all times…

I guess I jumped the gun posting this because there is one more I want to share…I love when I have sessions like this that make narrowing down my favorites for the blog posts darn near impossible!

Aileen Flach -

As the mom of these two boys, I can tell you that this was such a fun experience. The boys warmed up to Dania in a heartbeat and couldn’t wait to show off for the morning. I can’t wait to fill our home with these photo-memories!

Thea -

Great photographs, I think you capture the fun that these boys bring to the family perfectly!

I keep getting maternity sessions with some of the most beautiful pregnant women out there.  I’d say it’s something in the Capital Region water, but this one is from Rochester, so I guess I’ll call it luck that I get the continued pleasure of working with such beautiful mommas (and mommas to be)!  A baby boy will make his way into the world in a few short weeks and make one adorable little girl a big sister…and a family of three a family of four.  Ashley could not look any better in these final weeks and I think the picutres speak for themselves.  I even had a hard time captioning them all because I just found myself writing “gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous” all over each of them.  Congrats guys!  I can’t wait to meet your little Harper!

A month or so ago, I was contacted by Nicole Messier of Portfolio PR Group who asked if I’d be interested in donating a session to a benefit being held for the Saratoga Children’s Museum.  I had been to the museum a dozen times with my girls and absolutely love it, so I was delighted to help out.  I was contacted almost immediately by the winner who wanted to schedule a session for her two granddaughters, 4 years and 6 months.  Though these two girls are cousins, but it is clear that blue eyes runs dominant in this family.  I couldn’t be happier that the rain held out and that the girls were troopers, playing outside with me despite the chill in the air.  And boy am I glad they did because these images just warm my heart! 

And because I’m a kid at heart myself…

Thea -

I love the third one-that sun flare-oooh girl swoon!