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I adore photographing this family…their absolute love and adoration for each other shines through in every image I capture.  I was lucky enough to see them three times this year, AND to hear the great news that Reese will be a big sister in 2014!  I can’t wait to meet their new bundle of joy and see Reese love all over her new brother or sister.  It’s going to be awesome!  But for now, here are a few images from their few last months as a family of 3.  :)

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Gosh I just love to see these smiling faces year after year.  I’m not sure there is any better compliment than a family who comes back to me every single year and trusts me alone to capture their precious family moments.  Thank you guys for the honor!

albany new york child photographer


I adore this little not-so-little boy.  I adore his mom.  I adore the fact that ever year, they make the hour trip from the Berkshires to come see me for updated images of the two of them.  I just…adore.  :)

albany new york child photographer



Donna Britigan -

They are the nicest pictures…Love them all. :)

Judy Avery -

Awesome Remarkable

I love how many new families I am meeting this season!   I loved capturing these two dote all over their sweet little buddy.  The foliage in their yard was just a perfect backdrop for this family…and of course there was the babe…who definitely stole the show.  :)

albany new york child photographer


Seriously, how incredibly adorable is this new family I had the pleasure of meeting last week?!

albany new york child photographer


Angela Urbano Aiello -

Absolutely beautiful!

Stephen Wade -

Are you Kidding Me, WOW

Lindsay Andersen Casale -

These came out amazing! Love you guys! Xoxo

Nancy Wade Cothern -

Just plain beautiful pics!

There are few families I love as much as this one.  We go back so many years now it would take me an hour to share every blog post, every picture and every moment I’ve captured for them.  They are the true definition of loyal clients and friends and I just can’t wait to see them every year.  This year was especially exciting as they introduced a new member to the family…and she couldn’t fit into their lives more perfectly.  I just love watching Maddie fuss over her little sister.  They seem so perfectly complete now.  I could have photographed them all day long…

Love you guys!!!
albany new york child photographer


My goodness did this little dude have one awesome personality.  This lovely family drove all the way from downstate for our session.  Mom wanted color and fall and I have to say, I think we found a pretty perfect location for that.  I spent almost 2 hours with this lovely family and had such a blast playing with them all evening until we officially ran out of sunlight.  :)

albany new york child photographer


Melissa Kimball Klein -

Love these! He has the best smile ever – so cute. :)

I am always so excited when I’m contacted by new families who are over the moon about having their family photographed.  This lovely family found me through the grapevine (as most of my clients do!) and when I heard it was Trinity who sent them to me, I knew instantly I would love them.  I mean, anyone who Trinity loves will for sure be someone I’ll love as well.  Must be something about those who live in the Berkshires….these guys are my third client from the area and they have all ended up being some of my favorites…not just favorite clients, but favorite people.  I just loved spending the afternoon with this family…they are beautiful.  Inside and out.

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Cara Olsen -

Love this session!

Lisa Haywood Bowers -

Just beautiful !!

This family was just awesome to work with.  We booked our session way back in February when I was donating a portion of my session fees to Maddie’s Mark…and due to the craziness that is life, we JUST got around to finally shooting!  I have to say it was well worth the wait…the light was just right and this lovely family glowed beautifully in it.  :)


Kathy Orange Clove Primitives -

Love these!!!

I adore this family.  This is my third time photographing Caroline and my first time meeting Georgie.  He’s such an adorably happy addition to their family and I was so thrilled to be invited  into their lives to once again capture their beautiful family.  I know I’m about 8 months behind in this but…congrats guys!  See you again soon!

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