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I was so excited when I finally received the email that Luca had arrived into the Vero household!  Sarah contacted me months ago to book her date so it seemed like the longest waiting period ever (probably more so for Sarah!).  I’ve been photographing Luca’s older sister Isabella since she was just 3 months old so I was thrilled to hear they would be expanding their family…and that they wanted me to capture some of their first moments as a family of four.  Luca was such an awesome chill baby!  Awake for much of the session but that didn’t ruffle my feathers one bit given his amazingly calm demeanor.

Yeah ok, enough chit chat Dania…get to the pictures…

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Sarah Delaney Vero -

This is beautiful – thank you Dania Bagyi!!

There is just something about seeing a family within days of a new babe entering their world.  There is a sorta glow about them that is so incredibly heartwarming and I’m blessed to be a very small part of it all.


I don’t care if every photographer in the Capital District is shooting here or not…it’s one of my most favorite locations because it’s just so flipping gorgeous.  The families I bring here are equally so.  :)


Jennifer Walker -

Thank you Dania, they came out beautiful!

Debbie Haver Walker -

Awww, so so sweet. Another awesome photo shoot with the people I love!

Kimberly Wolfe-Murauskas -

Love them!

Man, I’ve seen some gorgeous eyes in all my days of photographing kids but these may take the cake.  I mean, they are piercing…and she’s just an absolute stunner.  Hope mom and dad are ready for more than a few teenage dudes camped out her window with a boombox outstretched.  And I love that these two siblings so remind me of mine…one blue eyed and one brown eyed.  I actually totally love the contrast.  My favorite pictures of my girls are when they are side by side and you can so clearly see the differences between them.  Anyhoo–I had so much fun with this family and our little mini-session amongst the roses.  :)



Debbie Haver Walker -

Awww, so so sweet. Love these little cuties!

Cari Urbanczyk -

Absolutely gorgeous family. Congrats Deb!

Meet Trinity’s beautiful sister-in-law Becky!  As I may have mentioned in Trinity’s blog post, our  intentions were to do a large extended family session with Trinity and her two sister-in-laws.  Becky has the most beautiful kiddos and they made my job so fun and easy!  Here are just a few peeks from busy momma Becky’s session!

And just a few fun cousin pics.  :)


I love my repeat clients.  I also LOVE meeting new families…so when Michelle emailed me back in May to arrange a creative session at her cousins house while she was visiting from Washington D.C., I was all sorts of excited to meet her and her twin boys (and husband of course).  I was even more excited when I pulled into this amazing property out in Petersburg and saw where I’d get to photograph them.  Amazing doesn’t begin describe this property.  I probably could have stayed there all day if we didn’t run out of daylight…the possibilities were endless.  And to make it even better, they are an amazing family with full of life personalities and so much fun!  I loved chasing these boys around and photographing them as they truly are.

Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your wonderful family in such a special spot Michelle!



Morgan Morrissey -

Gorgeous pictures! What cute little boys!

Sarah Hill -

Omg! Love this family!! Gorgeous pictures that I’m sure they LOVE!

Virg Leary -

Great pix

I often have a super hard time coming up with titles for my blogs…but when I think of this session, pink is the first word that comes to mind.  Perhaps dad and Dylan wouldn’t be too stoked about that, but the light was pink, the flowers were pink and moms dress was a gorgeous pink…so pink it is.  :)

Mom and I go way back to our high school days and  reconnected through the wonderful world that is Facebook a few years back.  Mom shares my love of photography and there a few honors as high as another photographer trusting me to take their own family pictures.  As such, the session focused mostly on mom and her three gorgeous babes (since she has a bazillion pics of her own!), but dad hopped in for some family pics and of course, I couldn’t resist sneaking in a few of just the kiddos as well.

Hope you love them Sarah!!


Ashley Ellms DiPaola -

super cuteness! love the one of sarah with taylor on her neck while she holds jordyn and dylan on the side:)

Sarah Rakvica Cusano -

Haha pink is a perfect title! I love these so much Dania! <3

Donna Brust -

I love tooooooooooooooooo….so cute xoox.

…and puppy dog tails…that’s what little boys are made of!  (a little David Bowie Labrinth anyone??)

I had so much fun with this wonderful family.  Mom is one of those friends I love being around because there is never a shortage of things to talk about…and those “things” often lead to belly laughs that hurt so hard it makes finishing our runs without a side stitch.  I just adore the heck out of her.  And well, as you’d imagine, her family is equally as awesome.

I loved hanging with these guys for the evening in her amazing gorgeous garden.  Boys are sooooo different than girls!  And it’s so fun to see the other side of things.  :)



Jolene DeLuke Kowalski -

Dania, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all these pictures! They make me so happy! You did an amazing job! You have such a gift for capturing the silliness of children! You are great at what you do! Thank you so very much! I can not wait to see more!

Golly me….where do I even begin with this blog post?  Lets first talk about Trinity.  I met her for the first time back in July of 2011 when I photographed her gorgeous family in Alford, MA.  It was one of those sessions that I knew would stick with me forever…she is one of those people you immediately love…and her family is just beautiful inside and out.  Her family picture has made its way onto almost every piece of marketing material I print.  :)  I had the pleasure of seeing them again last year when she came all the way to Charlton for my Christmas Minis.  Lucky me!!

Fast forward to this past January when I was contacted by Trinity’s sister in law Becky who wanted to schedule a large family session back in Alford for herself, Trinity and her other sister. I was so excited!!  We scheduled for June and thanks (not!) to weather issues, bug bites that created swollen eyes too difficult to photoshop out and other various reason, we had to reschedule to this past Friday.

All seemed good to go until I got an email from Becky last week letting me know that the week prior to our session, Trinity was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  I will never again be able to pull into my local post office without reliving reading those words…stage 4 liver cancer…and the absolute horror I felt in the deep pit of my stomach.  How can this be?!  How does this happen to such an amazing person?!  Trinity was to begin aggressive treatment this week and decided to proceed with just a mommy & kiddo session on Friday….despite the 80% chance of rain the forecast was predicting.  So Thursday night I prepared for one of the most important sessions of my career.  These images had to be amazing…and they had to show the absolute love and adoration this mother has for her three beautiful children.  And I had to do that despite practically black skies and torrential rain forcing us inside.  Thank god for some magic lighting and some even more magic people.

Please keep Trinity, her husband John and her three gorgeous children in your prayers as she begins treatment this week.  She’s one tough cookie and I’m praying every moment of every day that she kicks some serious cancer butt.

Love you Trinity!!!!  xoxo



Cara Olsen -


Lindsey Martin -

Amazing photo’s

Karen Whitman Glaser -

Beautiful and amazing.

Sarah Rakvica Cusano -

Beautiful. Sending so many prayers her way.

Christina Norris -

Beautiful photos

Laura Mullins Klein -

Prayer is powerful and I will pray for this Mother and for her children. These beautiful images are such a treasure for them.

Katie O'Malley -

This is so special and these images are truly amazing. Prayers and thoughts to Trinity and her beautiful family.

Laura Smith -

Really beautiful pictures Dania. I will keep Trinity and her family in my prayers.

Nicole Sfara Casey -

Just amazing, and great job capturing such a delicate time…

Carrie Saunders Faden -

These are amazing Dania. Prayers & Love for this beautiful Family

Lani Young -

Dania Bagyi, I will pray for this woman and her beautiful children. Life doesn’t always make sense. We all should hug our babies tight tonight….

Jessica Nolan Doherty -

Beautiful! God bless!

Glenna Mangiardi -

I know this beautiful woman and her family, beautiful inside and out, please pray like you never have before. Thank-you Dania for such amazing pictures!

Pat Mcguirt Peebles -

Beautiful Family, prayers going their way!

Karen Murphy -

oh wow, cant stop the tears from coming, praying for her and her family. Reminds us the power of a photo, and the emotions it can bring and the memories it can keep alive.

Laura Eggleston -

Dear Dania – thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of Trinity and her family…sending hopeful prayers to them.

Kim Magi Dawley -

Trinn, you are beautiful inside and out! I think of you everyday and pray for you to kick butt…..You are a survivor!

Shaun Powers -

Never Surrender Trinn!! Stay strong.

Heather Ann Kayser -

Such a beautiful family God bless Trinity. I hope to hear that the cancer disappears <3 Stay strong!

Gayle LaSalle -

You, my darling daughter, are amazing with a great heart! I love YOU!

Jen Allen Lee -

you did a fabulous job and captured some amazing images! I got to meet Trin this spring. She is just awesome…

Despite some nasty clouds rolling in and our during our session (lighting nightmare for us photogs!) and Nate being semi unimpressed with my squeaky duck and oh-so-funny personality, I would have to say mom and dad did an amazing job getting this kid to light up and show me those smiles and belly laughs that are just so Nate.  Gosh I love this kid to pieces…and feel so ridiculously lucky this family has chosen me to capture their love over and over again.

Happy Birthday little dude Nate!!!

oh…and these itty bitty wet spots all over his shirt in the last pic?  We may or may not have seriously played in the water fountain.  :)

Stephanie DiPalma -

DANIA! You’ve done it again! He definitely made us all work for it…hahaha. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! We are just as lucky to have YOU in our lives to capture Nate’s childhood. The DiPalmas LOVE you! xoxoxo