My Olsens

I could go on for pages about how wonderful this family is.  Inside and out.  But honestly, you didn’t come to read a bunch of sappy words telling you that they are the kindest, funniest and sweetest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Instead, I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

Oh and Ps.  If you see Cara Olsen out and about today, please wish her the happiest of days.  It’s sorta her birthday.  And her birthday is sorta the biggest deal ever.  Love you girl!!

@kidography by dania | albany new york child photographer

Cara Olsen -

I mean, I honestly can’t even put into words how much I absolutely adore these images and YOU! You have perfectly captured my kiddos and their personalities in each of these images…. Cam’s real laugh (and dimples of course) and Josie’s spunk.. you even caught her biting her nails… I am dying over every single image and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for giving me the absolute best birthday present ever. Love you my friend.

Cara Olsen -

I’ll just be here on your site swooning over these images all day… don’t mind me!

Sharon Passaretti Beach -

So sweet, all the images are beautiful!