Miss Madeline Musto

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may be familiar with Maddie’s tragic story, but I recognize not all my followers are Facebook peeps, and others may have missed the news over the weekend, so I want to share her story here as well.

Maddie is an incredibly smart, sweet and lovable 5 year old…and daughter to Erin Musto, an amazing woman I consider a good friend and quite possibly, one of the sweetest and most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  My heart broke for the Musto family when I received news on Thursday that sweet Maddie had been diagnosed with a rare inoperable tumor on her brain stem, which will not respond to chemo.   When I received a text from Erin that evening, asking if we could do a family photo session the following day, my heart swelled with emotion.  What a ridiculously amazing honor it was to be trusted to capture such precious memories.  I’ve been pouring through the images since yesterday and am still in the throws of editing, but I wanted to share a few with you all now, so you can see for yourself how beautiful this family truly is.

Please take a moment to visit Miracle for Maddie and find out how you can help the Musto family through this incredibly difficult time.  You can also visit Maddie’s CaringBridge page here simply by registering and keep up to date with her progress and leave notes of love and encouragement for the family.

You are loved Musto family…and we are all praying for a miracle for your sweet little miss Maddie.


Update from the Matt Musto – 2/6/2012

I don’t know where to begin… I want to start by thanking everyone for yesterday. Madeline made her first communion and the Bishop gave dispensation for her to also be confirmed into the Catholic Church. The church was full of friends and family. After, we packed a firehouse in Troy, NY for an impromptu reception and celebration of her achievement. Then we headed for Lake Placid to spend a couple nights with her immediate family in the Olympic Village. She is scared and she is sad she cannot do the things she wants to do. She can no longer run and play and it is heartbreaking to watch but she knows she is loved. She is on steroids to help the swelling in her brain and I think they are helping. She is sleeping easier and her eyes look less sunken in.  Erin and I want to thank you all for the prayers for a miracle. They come in all shapes and sizes and I think we want to help god in any way we can. 

Madeline’s tumor is in her brain stem and it is not a tumor you would normally think of where it is a nice clean ball that could be removed. Madeline’s is more like a 3-dimentional spider web in her brain stem so there is no way to remove it without removing her brain stem which is the most primitive part of the brain controlling everything from her heartbeat and temperature regulation to her ability to move.

Traditional chemo which ‘dumbly’ floods the body does not touch this kind of cancer. Radiation can slow it but has never been known to cure it and the process for only extending her life a couple weeks would be to put her under general anesthesia every day and we are struggling with making her live her life in a hospital and unconscious half of every day instead of enjoying it for no real gain.

But we are not giving up hope. I believe in miracles and I believe in the ability of brilliant people to come up with solutions to problems. We have put people on the moon, we brought Apollo 13 back and we have cured everything from small pox and polio to other kinds of cancer which went from a 0% survival rate just a few decades ago to 95% now.

Erin and I still need to discuss and explore this more but there is a doctor at Sloan who has tried an experimental treatment by a virus which attacks the specific cancer cells. Rather than non targeted chemo this is a smart weapon against a specific cancer cell. I don’t have my hopes too high. I am an engineer and extremely analytical and know probability and statistics like the back of my hand. But I do know that anything is possible. I don’t even know if the trial is still going on but it is at least worth a visit to Sloan in NYC to talk to them. I won’t forgive myself if I just give up. I don’t want to ruin her time left here or steal any quality time she may have on a long shot. But if there is going to be a miracle this is my way to give God a helping hand.

So please pray we can get in for a consultation soon.


Update 2/8/2012 –   It is with a heavy and broken heart that I share the unimaginable news that Heaven welcomed a new angel last night…


Theresa Smolen -

Hi Dania,
Beautiful pictures!
I wanted to mention to you if you want to pass it on to Erin – there’s a woman, a Grandma from Sophie’s pre-school who was telling me today that 2 of her 3 sons had brain tumors at the same time. Drs. told them it was environmental. They live in Altamont. She was wondering which drs. they’ve talked to. She mentioned someone in Baltimore that she consulted who was wonderful. I can get you her contact into if you think they want to explore that too.
All the best,

Julianne -

Completely overwhelmed with sadness……combined with a longing to get this story to as many people we can. This is the strength that is needed for a Miracle For Madeline <3….wishing Faith, Hope, and Love on this family. The Coke from NJ

Kuerstin -

I am totally overwhelmed by this story. My heart is both heavy and hopefull. As a mother of 3 I can not imagine how Erin is keeping it together. I will keep the family in my prayers and I am sending Love, Hope, and Peace to the family. I pray for a miracle for them and Maddie.

Linda Nases -

Honey, I’ll be praying for your precious little girl as well as for your entire family. I know how much you love your children as I too am a mom…I believe in miracles and I’ll be praying for just that. A miracle for your sweet baby.

Sandra Podrazik -

May God Bless and keep your beautiful family safe and strong in His loving arms and may a “miracle” happen for you with your precious daughter…prayers are with you…God Bless all of you!

Theresa Bollman -

Our family has experienced many miracles, both “small” and large. Prayer and faith in Jesus have helped us so much. We will keep that pryer and faith up for Maddie now. God belss you all.

Jackie and Bob Long -

We are so sorry to hear this tragic news. Knowing the family, there is such strong family faith that will hold everyone together and get through this somehow. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your entire family. Thinking of you daily.

Joe Darling -

Never give up hope, and trust your faith and your judgement. Maybe this experimental treatment will work,after all most of the successful treatments used today were experimental at one point and your daughter deserves any chance there is. God Bless

SarahT -

You sounds as though you are an amazingly strong and loving family. I certainly have you in my prayers and believe in miracles. I hope a miracle happens for you, there are so many people thinking of you and sending prayers your way. She is such a beautiful little lady.

Mary Anne Breton -

We heard of Maddie at Mass on Sunday. We have been praying for her and the family since. Do not give up faith or hope and enjoy each minute you have. We told Fr. Jim to give you our name and phone number if you need to talk as we have been in a similar situation. Miracles do happen All our prayers are with you Leo and Mary Anne

kelly -

Never give up hope for getting a miracle! I had a glioblastoma brain tumor at age 24.
I was given less than a year to survive, it’s been 7years and I’m doing well! Keep asking god for a miracle! He says to ask, and you shall receive. I will keep your daughter in my prayers.

Stefanie Balch -

Nice pictures.Poor Maddie she is so sweet and it would be so terible if the miracle does not happen. But everyone is praying for Maddie and she may get better but we want her to get better.

Sue Richardson and Nancy Alexander -

We will hold Madelaine in our thoughts and prayers. We will pray for a miracle. May you still have some wonderful days and memories.

Gina DeRue -

Your daughter’s story is so touching. I will pray for your daughter, for your family, and for a miracle from God.

Michelle Iannacone -

I am praying for your sweet little girl. I have prayed a Rosary today and will continue to pray! God Bless!

myranda martins -

my prayers are with the family and maddie hope she will stay comfortable and not suffering im hopeing a merical will be made for maddie. love and hope are with you god will see how important this child is and make his move for a miracle to happen. God will help you any way possible if you just keep holding on and beliveing in him and maddie but a miracle will be made =)

kathblack -

My heart is so heavy reading your story. I will pray for a miracle everyday for your little angel.

Linda Gardner -

Your story has touched me.Where there is life there is hope.We are only given our children for a very brief time and then God wants them back. I lost my son at 3 years old and I know that he is being cared for by the greatest father that ever lived. I will pray for a miracle because I have seen them first hand, even on myself. Lets believe that Madeline is already healed because in Gods eyes we are perfect. Thank you for sharing your story and know that I am a prayer warrior and will pray every time I think of you all. Love Linda

Stephanie Baiocchi -

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. The photos are so beautiful and inspiring. May God bless you with a miracle and strength to get through.

Renee Piche -

What a beautiful family; We serve a HUGE GOD whose resources are limitless and His love is unconditional…..we are praying for wisdom, peace, and God’s perfect will in your lives…..
<3 love and prayers, The Piche Family

Julie -

Shannon Hayes (my best friend since kindergarden) had written me about Madeline last week. My thoughts have been with you and your family ever since….As a mother of three children, my heart cannot comprehend the enormity of your devastation right now~~~ However, As I came upon these most beautiful pictures from a FB link….I just had to let you know….that you must be the most amazing parents on earth! To have the courage to capture those heart warming and loving pictures when your heart must be shattered is the the most courageous thing I have ever witnessed. That is true love…that is true sacrifice….that is being a Mommy and Daddy…that is what life is about…the love for your children!!! I promise to hug my kids more, kiss them every night, and I will be a better parent because of Madeline…because your beautiful family reminds me that our time is limited on earth but our bond is forever. As a nurse for 17 years, I have watched tragedy unfold and I hope and pray for your family that someday you will know why God needs Madeline before you are ready to let her go…she must be a very special little girl to have touched more lives in her short 5 years than most will in a life time…my thoughts and prayers will remain with you and your family always~~~~Julie Fenton

karen benny -

Cancers may not respond to all forms of treatment, but they run in fear from prayer! My nephew Zachary is 13 years old and has had ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia TWICE!) and is alive today because of the skill and wisdom of his doctors, the dedication of his parents, and the worldwide prayer chain for him that had someone praying for him every hour of every day . . . My husband and I are in Arizona and we are this link in the chain.

m. susan russell -

The power of prayer and miracles are in God’s hands he will keep her safe. Please know that your family is on my prayer list for a healthy outcome.

Angels at your doorstep,

Sue russell

Stacy H -

Reading this story just makes you put your own little stresses and worries in perspective. I am praying for a miracle for this little girl!

Robyn -

Praying & believing for a miracle.

Dawn Noeller-Stockton -

God Bless you & your family. My thoughts & prayers are with you. May you all find strength & courage in your faith. My everlasting hope is a miracle will be had for your precious little girl, Maddie! <3 xoxo

Barbara -

My prayers and best wishes are with you….

VictoriaE-F -

Thinking of you all and praying for a miracle. God bless you all!

kelly T. Sanvidge -

Matt and Erin, by name you don’t know me, I was in the waiting area with fr. Jim and we have been continually keeping Maddie in our prayers. I so do believe in the power of prayer and you all will remain in my daily prayers. God bless you all. Kelly

Alexandria Noga -

God bless you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Stay strong!

laura -

Saying so many prayers for and thinking of you.

Marybeth Knowles -

What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! God bless you all during this very scarey time…I amkeeping you all in my most heartfelt prayers that God will grant Maddie the grace of a cancer-free recovery.

Wendy -

What an amazing, beautiful family! I heard about your family on Facebook and have not had a day go by that I don’t think of you and pray for all of you. Erin, I LOVE your proactive approach. I love your thought process in terms of taking these family photos. What a strong woman you are. Your daughters are so lucky to have a Mom as strong and loving as you are. I’m thinking of you and praying for you, your husband and all 3 of your beautiful daughters. I have 2 teenage daughters of my own and cannot begin to imagine what you are going through right now. Praying daily for a miracle for Miss Maddie.

Phyllis Mc -

May God in his Goodness keep you all close to his heart and though you dont know us we pray for a miracle for you. Your family is obviously loved very much. Wish you good things and most of all hope.

Karen Tanner -

prayers to your little princess and to your family. God works miracles everyday…as my family has received one recently..my thoughts and prayers will remain with you and your little girl. Cherish and love her every moment & believe in miracles ♥

Peg Rosamlia -

I pray that God hears our plea for a miracle for Maddie. I have witnessed miracles during my lifetime and know that it is possible. I also pray for strength for your family and wisdom for Maddie’s physicians.
Peg Rosamilia

Mary and Dan -

Miracles DO happen and will. You have a beautiful, strong family. Our family will keep beautiful Maddie, and all of you, in our prayers. May God bless you.

Maryann Mika -

My prayers join many others for a miracle for you sweet girl. These are precious pictures, thank you for sharing them and this delicate time in your family’s life.

Tracy Rovezzi -

May your beautiful family find strength during this difficult time. Maddie is such a beautiful little girl may she find peace through this process. We will continue to pray for her and the miracle that is possible through GOD. Never give up hope. I may not know your family but will pray for you everyday. Wishing you and Maddie all the best.

Kelly D. -

Keeping this family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. God bless this beautiful family. I too believe in miracles.

Theresa -

I see the love in these pictures. I see hope in your family’s eyes . I see strength. I pray for all of you that a miracle is blessed onto your sweet girl.

Marie Mangione -

I am praying for your beautiful little girl Maddie and your entire family. I believe in miracles and ask our Divine Physician to grant us this complete healing. Marie Mangione

Kim Lanford -

Dear God, Thank you for your blessings each day. Today, we ask you for another miracle as we pray for Maddie’s complete healing.

Lots of love & big hugs to a beautiful family.

Spartanburg, SC

Brittani Bickel -

What a gorgeous family, and the warmth and strength in Madeline’s eyes are mesmerizing. She is beautiful. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Donna Brust -

My prayers will be said for this precious baby girl..I have a grand daughter who is just about the same age. My life without her would be tragic. I am a firm believer in prayers and have much faith in Jesus. In his name may he deliver a cure for her and let her live her life to the fullest with her sisters. Amen
Their is power in prayer as a group so let’s keep this prayer chain going. Praise God xoxoxo

Carol Rubio -

My heart goes out to you and your family. We are all praying for you, especially for beautiful Maddie. I know you are doing all you can and pray God gives you the strength, courage and time to find a miracle for your daughter.

Julie Taylor -

God Bless that beautiful little girl…my prayers are with your family. Thank you for sharing…the pictures are priceless.


alicia micale -

I wish I could take your pain away and make things better for little Maddie. Please accept my prayers….
God bless you all!!!

Ellen Bitler -

Praying for your family and for a miracle!! Thanks for sharing your story and the pics of your beautiful family.

Heidi Shults-Estrada -

My thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful family. I wish for a miracle and strength during this difficult time.

Pamela LaBrake -

What a beautiful family.
Praying for Madeline and family that she get the consult ASAP, that the drs have a treatment and praying for a miracle.

melissa -

Musto Family,
You have given true meaning that it is not about Waiting for the Storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain. May God’s Divine Mercy comfort and strengthen all of you. You’re family are amazing role models for all of us on how to enjoy the Present moment!
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,

Bonnie Diefendorf -

Erin & Matt,
My prayers are with you and your family. I love the pictures, such a beautiful family! God is good, be strong! Miracles do happen. My own family was blessed with a miracle last March. My niece was in a horrible car accident. She ended up in a coma, with a tear on both sides of her brain. Collapsed lung, fractured ribs. The doctors in Burlington told Kayla’s parents that if she came out of her coma (none of us knew how long she would be in a coma)she would not be right. The outlook was grim. But we all prayed for a miracle. The next week Kayla surprised her parents, doctors, nurses and friends and family by waking up! Within a couple of weeks we had our Kayla back! She is back to her fun, energetic self. God is good! My love and prayers are with you. Bonnie Diefendorf



Shelley -

What a beautiful family. When I read of Madeline’s illness and diagnosis, it broke my heart. Please know that your family and Madeline are in our hearts and prayers. As a mother of three, I cannot even imagine the pain you are going through. I believe in strength and healing through prayer . . . may a miracle for Maddie happen. God Bless all of you.

Lori -

My husband Greg works with Matt at NYISO and we have had the pleasure to meet Erin and their beautiful girls at the yearly holiday party. I sit here sobbing as I look at these wonderful photos. So, so, so, tragic. My prayers are with this beautiful family.

paula carucci -

Prayers and love to your family

Christine lanese -

My thoughts and prayers are w u

Melissa -

Have you all looked at Dr Burzynski’s treatment in Texas? His story is amazing.
I have been saying prayers for you all and will continue to do so. Keep your heads up and enjoy these days with Maddie. Thinking of you guys.

Jocelyn -

Maddie just got her wings today. Rest in peace Maddie.

Danielle Hartkern Vana -

I guess God thought she would make such a beautiful angel to look over everyone! Love, hugs & my deepest sympathy— ~Danielle

Erin Schultz -

My prayers are with Maddie’s family. RIP Angel x

Deb B -

Our prayers will be with your family. God is a great God and may his will be done, and may He be glorified through this journey he has set before you. Keep looking to Him!

Michele Harris -

No words can express how sorry I truly am….I begged God and asked all of my prayer warriors to pray and believe with me. We dont understand why these things happen but God never makes mistakes. Godspeed to the Musto family….We will continue to pray for your family. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

Susan -

I am so very sorry for all that you are facing. Please check out http://www.getwellgabby.org

Her family has just started a foundation in her memory to help other children and their families with cancer, specifically DIPG.

God Bless You, I will pray for a miracle!

Maryann -

Thoughts and prayers are with you from so many who you don’t even know you personally but have been touched by your daughter. I pray, along with so many others, that you receive comfort and strength from God.

Elizabeth -

Beautiful photos and lasting memories of the Musto family last moments with beautiful Maddie. Rest in peace baby girl.

Deb -

I have never met you and your family, but your story was brought to my attention and I am heartbroken for you. I looked up in the sky when I heard Maddie had passed and wondered why??? Though we will never know the answer to that, I know God will welcome her and love her forever.

sharon reid -

RIP dear little one you are in Gods home no more pain …God Bless your family

Megan -

“If every tear we shed for you became a star above; you’d stroll in Angel’s garden, lit by everlasting love.”

I personally did not know this family, but what I do know is no five year old deserved this. RIP you sweet angel, my deepest sympathy to your sisters, parents and family. <3

Nicole -

your beautiful family will be in my prayers~

Patty Stangel -

I pray that God blesses you with the peace the passes all understanding! When you are ready the book THE SHACK was a life changing event for me that brought amazing understanding as to some of my “whys”. May God continue to bless you all.

Maryellen -

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I heard your story from a mutual friend and am heartbroken for you. Many blessings to a beautiful family. Rest in peace sweet little angel.


we lost a 5 week old daughter 46 years ago and she’s never forgotten spinal menengitas back then there wasn’t any hope but we didn’t have time to do anything within 3 days she was gone memories and a few pictures is all we have left but some day we will see her again

Todd Putorti -

I am so glad you took these photos. They are beautiful and capture the joys a child brings to a family… to the world. I am so glad they were able to have some days together and capture these moments. My heartbreaks for this family. I wish this beautiful little girl the rest and comfort of not having to fight such a dreaded disease. I wish this family the comfort and love of their friends and family in this tragic time.

Words truly do not do justice to the pain I feel looking at these photos and knowing the hurt that those smiles hide. God Bless all that reads this to be inspired to honor thise angel of God by making a donation to combat this dreaded disease. I know the next thing I do will be making a donation to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Please think about giving to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, American Cancer Society or to this family.

Amy -

My prayers are with the Musto family. I have no words for them, except that although I’ve never met them I am sending all my love and prayers to help them get through this most difficult time. RIP Maddie.

Janelle Johnson -

I just read Maddies story yesterday for the first time, and she has not left my mind or heart since. May she rest in peace now. May her family find faith in believing that God picks each flower for his garden. May they find peace of heart knowing that she is at peace now.May they see her spirit shine through in the beautiful siblings she leaves behind. Prayers are with all of you.

Lori -

This post about your fight and madelines condition came to me at a time when I was truly questioning what was important in life… I was wasting a great deal of Time on things that don’t even matter! I thank you for sharing your story and your angel with us!!!! Maddie may no longer be an angel on earth but she will forever be an angel in heaven!!!! She has touched my heart and forever change my life!!! I pray for you all.. God bless

Howie -

I just read about Maddie today on Reddit. What a beautiful little girl she is. Her life must have given you five years of incredible joy. Be strong for those two other little ones. I’m not a religious person but I wish for your pain to diminish quickly with time and that an appreciation for life be augmented by your time with your daughter. Maddie was made from nature; nature is not harsh nor kind, but indifferent. She has returned from where she came, so in a sense, she’s home.

Courtney -

We have never met, but your family is in my prayers and thoughts. Sending you peace, love, and comfort. May your hearts always hold all of the wonderful memories from your time with your sweet little girl. Be comforted in knowing that you will see her again and that she knew how much she was loved. You are an amazing family and God will carry you through this.

melissa -

Heaven gained an angel today. May God’s Divine Mercy strengthen you and The Holy Spirit bring great comfort to you. Maddy has truly touched all of our hearts what a gift. We are praying for your family,
God Bless

Vickie Hunt -

RIP little Maddie….you are a beautiful Angel now. And to the Musto family please let your wonderful memories of Maddie comfort you in this very difficult time.

Florence Wagar -

With a heavy heart my sincere condolences to the family.Last Sunday when father Jim mentioned Madeline I could not get her out of my mind.I am so sorry.When father said that the family was praying for a miracle I prayed to.I told him I wrote a poem & he said he would give it to the family at the appropriate time I thanked him.I will share it now .
As I lay my head down Madeline Elizabeth my thoughts of you will be .You are my angel that someday I will see.

That when you see someone cry you will fly from above & you will spread your wings & sing like a dove.

You will say Mommy & Daddy don’t cry for me. I am at peace & pain free here I am with God you see.

Gods love surrounds & holds me dear.Don’t worry Mommy & daddy I know you care.

Mommy & Daddy don’t cry for me because God made me one of his angels you see.

He wanted me home so NO CHOICE did you have.Remember Mommy & Daddy God takes no bad.

We will meet again someday I know it’s true.
God told to give this message to you.

I am not saying goodbye cause one things for sure when it is your time I will be waiting at the door.

I hope this poem brings some comfort to the family again very sorry.Sincerely Florence Wagar

Elizabeth Premo -

My heart breaks for your family. What a beautiful child. I know she will always live on in your hearts. God bless you always.
Elizabeth Premo
(friend of Michele Harris)

E.A. -

Thoughts and many many prayers for your family. Try to picture Maddie’s face or hear her laughter, or imagine something awfully funny or naughty she did once apon a time. This always helped me to move through my bouts of sadness and times that were rough. All of my Memories helped and continue to help me through. Heaven accepted a sweet little Angel and she will forever be your angel.

Patti Rhoades -

You have three beautiful Angels, for a reason that can’t be explained in our time on this earth,God called Maddie to be with him now. I can’t imagine your pain but do believe that God will be by your side giving your family comfort and strength. Hold fast to the wonderful memories of your beautiful daughter. May family,friends and comforting words from people you may not even know give you strength. May new memories you make with your two beautiful Angels here on earth bring joy into your hearts. God Bless All Of You.

Toniann Avery -

I will be grateful every moment for the time I spend with my children. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope that peace will find you.

Laura -

Maddie’s story has touched so many people so quickly. Know that there are hundreds of strangers grieving with you right now, and sending you love and prayers. God is taking good care of her, and I pray that he does the same for those that she left behind. May the Good Lord Bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you, may he be gracious to you, and give you his Peace.

Mrs. Smith -

I pray that your grief will be eased by the knowledge that your own personal angel watches over you as mine has watched over me and mine for many years. I hope that those beautiful pictures are a priceless comfort to you.

the Uhl Familly -

Although we don’t know the Musto family personally. we have a 5 year old daughter by the name of Madelyn. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for their family. Please know that we will continue to pray for Gods abundant grace and mercy during this terrible time.

Angela M -

I am saddened to hear of the news of the passing of sweet Maddie. It is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Stefanie Balch -

Maddie Musto has pasted away 2/8/12. I love little Maddie so much

Morgan M -

This story crushes me…especially as a mother. I can not begin to imagine what or how this is all processed. I cried for a long time after reading this story and seeing these beautiful family photos. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss of this beautiful little princess……I AM SO SORRY. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and your little angel.

Roy Therrien -

My heart goes out to the family Of the darling little angel and I wish the lord see fit to grant a miracle for the little baby so she can grown and enjoy life as she should.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you in your time of need.

Can we send gifts of any kind to her?

Melanie Evans -

Kraft och Omtanke – Strength and Consideration – to you and your family. I am so very sorry for your loss.

SAndy McGuire -

Dearest Musto Family, I can’t begin to tell you how very sorry I am for your loss. From the moment I read Maddy’s story I began to Pray for her. I am a BIG believer prayer and that with God all things are possible. Maddy touched my heart (as well as many others) in a way that I too feel a loss. Our Lord has Bigger plans for her. She is truley Blessed. Try to find some comfort in knowing she walks with you still. You will always have your Angel looking over you. I will continue to pray for you all. Maddy Blessed your lives with love and memories that only you share. God Bless you all!

Michelle -

The Musto Family, I will pray that God gives you his Divine comfort and consolation. My heart breaks for your family. Madeline is in His most loving arms!

April Clobridge -

My heart aches for the sadness you must be experiencing at this moment. My grandson and your nephew, Jordan, are best friends. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Amy -

So sorry for your loss. Beautiful family, Beautiful little girl. My heart BREAKS over the loss.

Sema Buyukcelebi -

I am so sorry for your sweet daughter. :(

Heather -

Dear Mustos: Being a Clarkson Alumni, a number of friends pointed me to your family’s story. I have 2 little ones, a 4YO boy and a 2YO girl. To hear of Maddie’s struggle breaks my heart for you. Hugs and love to your family; may God’s love surround you and keep you safe in this time. There are a lot of people thinking about you, and praying for you.

Best wishes from Vermont. You’ll remain in my prayers for quite some time.

Shana Olson-Laake -

I prayed for a miracle for your sweet girl and, though my heart breaks that we did not get the miracle we wanted, I truly believe that we still got our miracle. She didn’t have to suffer endlessly. She is at peace now. She is healed. She can run and dance the streets of Heaven. May God bless and keep you in your time of great sadness.

Kim Prouty -

so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful family you have, thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

Debbie -

Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds us of how precious life really is and that everyday is surely a blessing! I pray for you and your beautiful family. God Bless !!

Sheri Newman -

Its one of those days where the tears fall freely, God Bless the Musto Family, may faith be your guide during this heartbreaking time…

Carol & Richard Rubio -

We can only imagine how deeply saddened you are. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Linda Newman -

To the Musto Family…The weight you carry on your shoulders is much too heavy for one human being. Give it to God, & have faith that what happens is for a reason. I am so sorry for your loss…

Sarah -

This is truly the most heartbreaking story. I pray for the Musto Family and hope they find comfort in knowing their beautiful angel is now with God. She was very beautiful. RIP Sweet Angel

Stephanie -

My family and I are so incredibly sorry for your unbelievable loss. Sending many prayers for you and for that beautiful little angel.

Laura -

My deepest sympathies go to the Musto family. What beautiful photos that will hold forever memories. Heaven just gained a beautiful angel. xx

The Marascia Family -

We may not know each other but hearing your story about Madeline from others who know you has profoundly impacted myself and my family. These pictures are a wonderful testament of the love you all shared. Please know Madeline and your entire family have been in our prayers and will continue to be. I am so sorry for your loss knowing though that there is a beautiful new angel in the presence of God. Much love and blessings. Karrie

ricky iafrate -

Wow. I have no idea what to say. I feel God put her with the right parents. I know its hard but you guys stuck together and remained positive. Its very sad. But no matter how bad times got you made the best for her and most of all made memories. I’m sure she touched a lot more lives than anybody realizes. People don’t understand that making memories is the most important thing on earth and this family didn’t miss a beat. You had a beautiful child that made you smile everyday. God bless and thanks for sharing. Lots of people will learn how great and precious life is and not take the small things for granted. I know it opened my eyes.

Kristin -

God brought home such a beautiful and precious angel today. I am so deeply sorry and heartbroken to hear of Maddie’s passing. I am so greatful for the life I have and will squeeze my children extra tight tonight! May you find comfort in knowing your sweet angel will be watching over you! She is now free of pain and dancing endlessly!

ann -

My heart weeps for you and your whole family. This is a wound which will never heal, but you all will learn to bear the remaining scar with great pride for a too-brief job completed spectacularly!

Shaunda -

I just want to Thank the Musto family for sharing Maddie with us. I don’t personally know the family, but I believe it takes a village to raise our children; to include being strong even when we don’t know how. I fell in love withe every moment of Maddie’s courage. Thank u and I pray for the peace that surpasses ALL understanding.

Sherm and Dorine -

Our dear friends! We consider you friends through Like experiences.
Only someone who has experienced the loss of a child can enter into your experience. We lost our son at 5 to encephalitis, many years ago. Please feel the comfort that only our great God can give you. He truly knows what is best, though we must endure the pain of loss. Heaven has gained a precious little girl and she will be happy forever!! Our thoughts and prayer are with you!!

Kirsten Pruzek -

Musto family:

My heart goes out to you in hearing of your unimagineable loss.
I used to work at NYISO, Matt, and a friend there shared your story, and I was praying for Maddie’s healing.
I don’t have any words now that could ever be sufficient. Please accept my very deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved angel, Maddie. Your family pictures are so beautiful, and your Maddie is indeed, a beautiful sweetheart.
May God Bless and sustain you all.

Larry,Jo-ann,Monica and Tyron -

Dear Erin, Matt, Olivia, and Lucy ,Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Kristy Hulslander -

Hello brave family. My friend Kerrianne has shared her sadness over your loss. I just want to extend my hope that you will have strength and find peace. Even though I have never met you, you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
Here is a poem that may give you some comfort.

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow; I am the diamond glints on the snow.
I am the sunlight that ripened grain; I am the gentle autumns’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circled flight, I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there; I did not die.

Sarah -

We have been praying for your family for several days and will continue to do so during the difficult days ahead. I hope you find comfort in the number of people who have and will continue to pray for your family.

Nikki -

My thoughts and prayers are with your family,may your Angel watch over you.

Christine cubello -

What a strong courageous family! May there be peace and comfort over time. this is the only thing in life to ever be angry about……. Losing a loved one, a child : ( know that the is not sad or scared any more, she is an angel of god watching over her family that loved her so.

kim schimikowski -

i am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful little angel. my thoughts and prayers are with you

Terri T -

I first heard about Maddie and your family through Elaine Boris. I prayed for a miracle and I was crushed to hear that Maddie went to the Lord today. Why do some get healed and others do not? I guess we will never understand the mind of God and His wisdom until we meet face to face. You have a beautiful, strong family. You truly embraced the mantra “live each day to the fullest” by weighing your options, having Maddie receive the sacraments, having a party, a trip to Lake Placid, and taking these beautiful photos. I pray that God will send myriads of comforting angels to take care of you and you move through these difficult moments ahead of you. Peace be with you.

Jessica Messemer -

I have known Matt and Erin for several years and was with them at the hospital while Erin was in labor with sweet, beautiful Maddie. They are truly two of the best people I know and Erin poured her heart and soul into being the best Mommy to her three girls. My heart is broken for them right now. They are living every parents’ worst nightmare. I know they will find strength; they are amazing people surrounded by many people that love them. My love, thoughts, and prayers will be going out to them everyday. R.I.P. Madeline Elizabeth Musto <3

Heidid -

I am so sorry for the loss! Words cannot express how sorry I am for you and your entire family. It is so hard to understand gods plan but rest assure you will meet again. I will pray everyday for you to find the strength to heal! Be well and let me add….What a gorgeous little girl…she sounds so amazing

Erica -

Dear Musto family I want you to know there are many people whom you have never met who are praying for you during this difficult time. My husband and I lost our first son, Seth, nearly 3 years ago. Please know that through the love& support of those around you there will come a day when you find a new peace.

Heather -

My heart breaks for your family. Please know you are in the thoughts and prayers of many. Your precious little girl will live in the hearts of those she touched, and guide you through these hard times. It may never be understood why she was taken so soon, just know that she will forever be watching over you, and another star was born in the sky.

Paula -

Sweet baby….rest in peace….to your family…hold tight to the memories of this sweet girl !

Katie fox -

My Jesus guide you home Maddie and may all who are suffering find peace within the midst of pain. For we know not what God has planned for us but we pray that whatever He leads us into He will get us through and that we will rise from these ashes.. much love.

Brenda Dann -

Dear Musto family,
We are so sorry for your loss. I am the friend of a friend, someone whom you have likely never met before, yet so much in common… we are parents. We have three grown daughters, one son and 9, soon to be 10 grandchildren.
The pain you must be feeling right now is unimaginable. Our hearts simple break for you and your entire family. I hope you can eventually find the strength and spirit to move forward and give your other girls all the love and lavishing they need and deserve. I wish there were magic words to comfort you, but all we can do is tell you how sad we are for your loss.
With our most sincere sympathies,
Brenda & Tom Dann
Palermo, NY

Monica Blanchard -

Erin, Matt and Musto Family
My deepest sorrows go out to you and your family. I was so heart broken to hear about your loss this morning. I want you to know I prayed for Maddie and your entire family from the minute we met in Pediatrics and will continue to do so. I pray that God keeps you all strong and stands by yoursides for all enternity. I pray Maddie is in Heaven looking down at what an inspiration family she is part of. I have never seen such strong, compassionate people. You are all so amazing and I know you loved so dearly that I pray you find comfort in knowing she will no longer suffer. Perhaps her miracle was to go with all the other angels.
A truly wonderful family you all are. May God Bless you forever.
Monica Blanchard

Rose -

Although we have never met, I am so very saddened to hear about your beautiful baby girl! I cannot even begin to imagine the loss and heartbreak you must feel. No words will take away your pain, but know that there are many people who, even though you don’t know them, are praying for you and your family, that God will help you through. I am so very sorry!!

rebecca -

I cannot even imagine what you must be going through, but pray with all of my heart that you find the peace in your hearts that Maddie has finally found in hers. She will be with you always.

Cheryl -

You have such beautiful pictures of your family. So, so sorry to hear of Maddie’s passing, but she is in God’s care now and you will see her again some day. Your faith will see you through for God will be by your side through it all. Bless you both.

Maddie and an Old Essay — Capital District Fun -

[…] know them, so really, your time would be better spent checking out the words and pictures from the family photo shoot than anything that I could […]

Lin Fields -

All of the words in the world cannot help ease your pain — the only thing you can take comfort in is that God has given you an angel to watch over you and you were a part of making that angel’s star shine brightly over us all. I am so sorry for your loss but it’s only a temporary separation… take comfort in that… my heart is with you because I too have lost a child..

Lin in Watertown NY

Karen Montgomery -

When my best friends baby passed away at 5 days old she found this poem:

I thought of you and closed my eyes
And prayed to God today.
I asked what makes a Mother
and I know I heard Him say

A Mother has a baby
This we know is true
But God can you be a Mother
When your baby’s not with you?

Yes, you can He replied
With confidence in His voice
I give many women babies
When they leave is not their choice.

Some I send for a lifetime
And others for a day
And some I send to feel your womb
But there’s no need to stay.

I don’t understand this God
I want my baby here
He took a breath and cleared His throat
And then I saw a tear.

I wish I could show you
What you child is doing today
If you could see your child smile
with other children and say:

“We go to earth and learn our lessons
Of love and life and fear
My Mommy loved me oh so much
I got to come straight here.

I feel so lucky to have a Mom
Who had so much love for me
I learned my lesson very quickly
My Mommy set me free.

I miss my Mommy oh so much
But I visit her each day.
When she goes to sleep,
on her pillow’s where I lay.

I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek
And whisper in her ear
“Mommy don’t be sad today
I’m your baby and I’m here.”

So you see my dear sweet one
Your children are OK
Your babies are here in My home
And this is where they’ll stay.

They’ll wait for you with Me
Until your lesson is through
And on that day you come home
They’ll be at the gates for you.

So now you see what makes a Mother
It’s the feeling in your heart
It’s the love you had so much of
Right from the very start!

April stringfellow -

I am very sorry to hear about maddie,shes like an angel that is looking down from above making sure everyone is ok..my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family in such a crucial moment.god is with your family..

Kryss -

So very sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl. My heart aches for your entire family.

Joyce Z. -

My heart is broken reading the story a few days back and now to learn that Maddie has passed. Everything happens so fast. I wish you had more time to appreciate what you had left in her. Anyway, I’m so sorry for the loss. I’m local to the family, although I don’t know them personally. I’m a mother of 3 girls, 4,3 and 1. I feel that childhood is one of the most beautiful time a person can have in their life…no need to worry about anything, ….so innocense, …full of love, forgiveness, and joy. Maddie was there to experience it and importantly she had shared that moment with her family and people around her!! Rest in peace, little Maddie. No more fear, …..no more pain. You are loved and you’ll be in my heart forever.

Seema -

I am so sorry…I wish you strength during this most trying time. RIP to your sweet Maddie.

Seema R -

I am so sorry…I wish you strength during this most trying time. RIP to your sweet Maddie :(

Peggy Czelusta -

The prayers and love from many in Texas are surrounding your precious family. Our cousin, whose daughter is a kindergarten teacher at the school where Madeline went, contacted us through facebook. We cannot even begin to imagine how broken your hearts are. Although some of us have experienced our grandchildren or siblings being called home to heaven at very young ages, we have no words that can express the words of comfort we wish we had. How much we wish we could be there to just simply hug you. We admire the strength that you showed in arranging for Madeline to celebrate her First Holy Communion and to take these beautiful photos. These memories will help you to keep Madeline close to your hearts. Please know that you will continue to be in our prayers.

Nicole -

I saw your daughters picture on facebook tonight and I clicked on it because she was so beautiful and reminded me of so many pictures I’ve taken of my daughter. I then realized Maddie had passed away and I was overwhelmed with sadness. I needed to let you know I’m thinking of your family and your beautiful daughter and praying you’ll find some peace. I’m so so sorry for your lots. May God bless you.

Paul McCullough -

I had heard about the terrible news over the weekend and eagerly responded Yes when asked if we would consider doing a fundraiser or anything at all at Creo restaurant in hopes of helping in some small way. Please let us know if there is anything that Creo or Creo Caters can do for you during this difficult time. Our team at Creo and throughout White Management would be humbled to help in any way possible.

Paul McCullough

Christi -

It’s hard to write the words that have been ringing in my heart since I read your story and heard the latest news. My heart is burdened with grief and anguish and I don’t even know you. I have a 3 year old daughter of my own, we call her Maddie…. I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through. Sometimes we can’t fathom why such unimaginable things happen. But sometimes Gods miracles are hidden by grief. Please take heart, and know and always remember, in heaven there are no more tears, no more pain. Just perfect bodies and a joy we could never imagine. A place so much better than this world. Consider your miracle. I am praying for you, for strength, for joy and for memories that last forever. May you and your family have peace. I’m so sorry for your loss, my heart is heavy, but FULL of prayer.

Martin east -

Im so sorry for your loss…

Debbie -

I never met your family I heard about Maddie from my niece Nicole who’s daughter my great niece Mikaela played with Maddie I’m so sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers will be with your family

The Chambers Family -

Dear Musto Family: Sending love and prayers to you. The photos of your family are such a beautiful treasure to have of your precious children during this sad time. Wishing for peace and comfort for your family.

Amy Wink -

What a lovely photo shoot to celebrate Maddie and her brief, beautiful life. I am a stranger but I mourn as if you were family. Cancer cannot cripple love, shatter hope, invade the soul, steal eternal life, or conquer the spirit. May peace come to you at this unimaginably difficult time.

A Friend -

GREAT call on the pictures, Erin, and how amazing you are, Dania, for dropping everything to make the session happen. Your talent shines and I have found great comfort in these photos the past few days… My heart is heavy but my prayers continue to be strong. We are here for you.

Amy -

Sending the Musto family much love, laughter, and grace!

Linda Gardner -

My heart is so sad for you all. I know right know you don’t understand, but The Lord our God never leaves us. When you feel you can’t go on just look next to you he is there. When my son Jason died I thought the hurt would never stop, but God replaced that void with more love than I new I could give to others. I think of my son and see him being held and rocked in the arms of the greatest father who ever lifted. I will continue to pray for you and your family. It is with his love that you will be held up.
Love Linda Gardner

Kelly Duggins -

I feel so sad for ur family.But god gave u her for the time being and what a wounderful and beautiful gift…..I lost my husband 5 years ago to renal cell carsinom (kindney cancer)and we gave 3 beautiful kids they were 5,4,2 when he passed and my husband Mike passed on Dec 2125, and I was so happy to have the time we had togeather and he is pain free and at peicefull rest instead of painful rest..I know it s not the same I didn’t loose a child but I thought I would share my story with u he stayed 11 months with us fighting everyway I told him we loved him and will always miss him and the kids would be ok I told him it was ok to go now we would be ok and it was a matter of mins and he took hus last.breath and went to be in the hands of god just think god takes the best first for a reason he has something better for them I will keep ur family in our prayersand god is looking over ur family and I think u have a beautiful family and ur so strong as parents to be going threw this and think poss.i know it can be hard but keep fighting u neber know wgen that miricle can happen I wish u all the best and will keep praying for ur family and that precous beautiful daughter of urs…

Candice -

My heart breaks for this beautiful family and beautiful girl. God rest her soul.

Mindy -

What a very heart breaking and tragic story. Wishing the family nothing but love, hope and faith that this family can make it through this tragic times. Many thoughts and prayers for them.

julie -

Wow! She even appears to us on Earth… an Angel. What a bright light she was… IS! You did not even have to know her to be blessed. Thank You Lord for Maddie!

Keela -

Musto Family… I have never met you but I came across a picture of Madeline and your story on facebook. I was drawn to her beautiful face. When I read your story my tears began flowing. I can’t imagine the pain you are suffering right now but I hope it brings you some kind of comfort to know that many, many are praying for you and thinking about you, myself included. Madeline is pain free now and you can be sure she will always be looking down on you. May you find peace in this time of grief. I am so, so sorry for your loss.


Jordan -

To the Musto Family-
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this hardship you’re facing. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why God takes away the people that we love. But I’m a firm believer that God never gives us more than He knows we can handle. And just from reading a dozen of the comments on here, I can tell that you have many people all around the country praying for you and willing to help you in any way that they can. Your daughter Maddie was absolutely beautiful, Heaven is lucky to welcome such a pretty little angel. I hope that you can continue to find support and love from those around you, for both you and your husband, and your daughters. God bless you, and stay strong <3.

Rose -

I am saddened to hear of the news of the passing of sweet Maddie. It is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Carrie -

My heart goes out to your family. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. Please know that God is holding her in His arms!

Sue -

Erin, from one mother to another, may you find strength to endure with grace. Just looking at these pictures defines who Maddie is, was and always will be. The cancer and her death do not define her, love and family do. God bless you and your husband and your children. How you had the strength to share so much to so many when your heart was breaking….thank you. She will always be vibrant, young, beautiful and yours.

Deb -

This little girl will live on in the hearts of those of us who were able to get a glimpse of these amazingly beautiful pictures. I’m so heartbroken for the Musto family and no words will help in these early days but hopefully knowing how many lives little Maddie touched will be some comfort. Peaceful thoughts are being sent your way. Shanti.

Nancy -

So very sorry for your loss, Heaven really gained an Angel.Prayers,peace,and love all around you, hope that will comfort you and your beautiful family- XOXOXO

Lisa Corp -

Matt and Erin,
My heart absolutely breaks for you. Thank you so much for opening up yourselves and sharing the beauty of your hearts and your beautiful daughter with us. I have tears as I write you… I am so thankful for your faith in God. I am praying that He will comfort you now and in the days ahead. These family photos are so precious, I am thankful you had such special moments with Maddie that are captured here. When I see her in her daddy’s and mommy’s arms, looking into your loving faces, I can see her looking into her Heavenly Daddy’s eyes and loving face right now… (I just finished reading “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo, a true story about a 4-yr old boy who went to heaven while he was in surgery (he was sitting in Jesus’ lap while he was in surgery). He told later of how Jesus REALLY loves children… I know no words can possibly comfort right now… I will be praying for you and your family during this difficult time… and add you to our church’s prayer list.
Love in Christ,

katie bikowicz -

Dear Musto family,
My prayers are with you during this incredibly hard time…I hope you feel the presence of God as he helps your family through this. God Bless you.

Andrea dean -

I am truly truly sorry for the passing of Madeline last night. My she RIP and live a happy life up in heaven and look down and watch the family grow without her. Please disregard the first message I sent. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Lisa -

We have never met before but I heard your daughter’s story from my mother who works at Bradt school. My heart goes out to your family tonight and prayers are being said for God to comfort you during your hard times. Just know that Maddie is no longer suffering and she is in the hands of God! Keep your faith strong and know she is looking down on you smiling not wanting you to be sad but to be happy for the time you got to spend together. RIP Maddie Musto!

Stef Balch -

Maddie is in good hands up in hevan god is taking such good care of Maddie up in hevan. Maddie is out of pain now! Maddie will be watching over us always. The little angel will make sure we are safe. Two kids at my old elementary school have brain tumers too. I miss maddie so much she will always be in my heart for years to come till I come up to the gate of hevan come in and see Maddie and be a angel that watchs over every one else. Hope for Erin and Matthew Musto and maddies sisters Lucy and Amilia (mimi)

Christina -

I am so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Maddie!

Marla -

I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter, may God be with you all, my prayers to you.

MaryLynn Valis -

Memory Eternal Sweet Maddie~ May Your Soul Dwell with the Blessed~ May God Bless Your Beautiful Family.

Carla -

I am so very sorry for your loss of such a beautiful person. The photos capture such a special family. xoxox

Cin and Jules -

Precious photos that speak for themselves.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Godspeed little Maddie.

Lynn -

I didn’t know Maddie but heard about her last week from my sister who lives in Albany. I saw the pictures from your family photo shoot….what a great idea that was. In reading all of the above posts, its so beautiful to know that Maddie has touched so many people…many that never even met her. That really means something and I hope you can get some sort of solace from that. I’m sending strength and prayers your way.

Tammi -

I did not know Maddie, and we have never met, but my daughter Hannah is in Kindergarten at Bradt. My heart goes out to you and your family. May God hold you during your time of sorrow.

Lisa Goodman -

My prayers are with all of you. I am sorry for your loss.

heather -

I do not know your family but I saw Maddies page on a friends Facebook. I could never imagine losing a child. May god bless your family. May you know that Maddie will always be watching over you

Chikodi Ossai -

She is with the Lord and that’s what matters.Words are not enough at this time but I say this… may the Lord give you the fortitude to bear this loss in Jesus name,amen.

Derrith L. Sirtori -

I am so very sorry to read about your little girl’s passing. Knowing she is with God does not help the pain, but you know she is waiting to see you again when it is your time to go home. Knowing that all is well with her now, and that this is truely just a short time of separation will hopefully bring you some comfort.

Marta -

Dear Musto family, although we have never met, I heard about Maddie through a friend. I saw your beautiful pictures, read your story and prayed…prayed that God would keep her with you, that she would be well… this morning when I opened the newspaper and saw her picture my heart sank…I am so very sorry for your unimaginable loss. However, I believe God takes to Heaven the ones He does not want to suffer…the illness took her but God saved her from suffering…Bless you all.

Joel B. Whitley -

Dear Musto family,

I don’t know you and but learned of your story – all the way out in Chicago. I am so sorry for your loss. I read today – that your angel is in heaven and the tears flowed down my cheeks at my office desk. I will pray for all of you. God Bless you.

christianne -

I am sending all of the energy I have to the Musto family. Though a stranger to your family, may you feel the warmth and strength from me. I am in awe of your tragedy and will spread the word in your beautiful daughter’s memory. She will live on in so many ways. She will not be forgotten. You have so many guardian angels – but one special 5 year old for sure will always be holding your family in her hands and her heart. I wish I could take your pain away. My thoughts are with you all. xo

Suellen Crano -

As a cancer patient for 11 years, and a friend of a friend of yours, I so truly am sorry to hear about your horrific loss. I cannot imagine how devastating the loss of a child is! I hope that knowing that Maddie will not be in pain, physical or emotional, will give you some strength to carry on for your gorgeous.
We pray that god will also give you strength to bear this terrible burden.
The Cranos

Jaime Sawyer -

“An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth. And
whispered as she closed the book “too beautiful for earth.”
My heart breaks for your family. I pray that God heals your heartache and dries your tears untill it’s time for you to be with your little angel again.

Heather Harrigan -

Hi…I received a flyer in my sons cubby at CTK explaining the Zumba4maddie. My heart goes out to you and I cannot imagine what you are going through. Maddie is such a beautiful girl and by everything you have said, an amazing heart too. I am a photographer and would love to come to capture some memories of that night for you, so that you may have a keepsake.
Heather Harrigan

Noella -

Thank you for sharing your daughter with us. She touched my heart even though I’ve never met any of you.

Stacy Waters Warden -

I pinned this 4 years ago and came across it today only to realize that she passed 4 years ago today. I am praying that God wrap his arms around this family today and allow them to celebrate her life with little sorrow. This story is one that laid heavy on my heart as I have young children as well. God Bless You all and your family and I hope you have found some healing to such a tragic loss. Your little girl was so beautiful. Many hugs!