Just Love

This was one of those times that I may have said no more than 5 words during the actual session as I just sat back and watched with a grin as these two just spent our entire session just lovin’ on one another…and click, click, clicked away catching as many magical moments between them as I could.  I beamed ear to ear as I edited each of these images as I truly felt that every single one was more beautiful than the one before.  Their love for one another and life in general just shined through…and I’m so thrilled I was trusted to capture it.

And if the session itself wasn’t enough of a joy (and it was!!), mom’s reaction to her gallery this morning just makes me downright GIDDY.  I’ll keep most of her email private, but there was one line that I couldn’t resist sharing as it’s truly the heart and soul of my business…and the reason I do what I do…

“My husband & I have looked through these pictures a gazillion times already & we have both laughed out loud because just looking at some of these, we can hear that special little belly laugh Reese has & her devious little giggles.”

And with that…say hi to Reese and her stunningly GORGEOUS (inside and out) mommy. :)


Jp Elario -

beautiful stuff!

Raegan Swanson Photography -

Another beautiful shoot Dania! :)

Diane Lustenader -

This is so special, Dania. I can almost feel the sun filtering through the trees and the people look dreamy.

Wendy Duffney Avila -

Absolutely Beautiful….and you nailed it…Carrie Lyn is beautiful inside and out and an amazing Mom…Love every pic!!!!

Lisa Proch -

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. And you are right, Carrie is beautiful inside & out.